Zoe Kravitz was inspired to remove dozens of tattoos after turning 30

Zoe Kravitz was inspired to remove dozens of tattoos after turning 30

Joe Kravitz Opening up about his decision to remove dozens of tattoos from his body.

in a new Cover story for GQIn its latest issue, the actress revealed that she has reconsidered many of the decisions she made as a child Including the characteristic collection of ink on his body.

The Immense loyalty The star, now 33, says she’s grown insecure in the spotlight over the years and treats things like tattoos very differently.

“Just the thing, I’m like, ‘My body doesn’t need this,’ ” she said GQ.

And while he said he’s lost count of how many tattoos he currently has, Kravitz gave some details about the ink he’s getting removed, including a faded star on his middle finger when he was 18.

Zoë Kravitz on the cover GQ.
Steven Klein/GQ

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Kravitz also told the publication that she “romanticizes” her age, noting, “There’s something romantic and exciting about, like, Oh, I’m an adult. I stay home now and cook. I bake bread.”

“Then I think you do it for a few years and you realize there’s still a lot of life left,” he added. “I just learned to think about who I am and what I want.”

Mike Coppola/Getty

Speaking with Kravitz echoed similar sentiments about her tattoo removal style In August 2021.

At this time, batman The star says, “I think tattoos are a beautiful decoration, just like makeup or jewelry. There are some that I like more than others. I’ve removed a few.”

And while Kravitz admitted to parting ways with some of his body art, he added that it hasn’t stopped him from wanting to add more ink in the future. “But I plan on getting more tattoos. Once you get into it, it’s hard to stop,” she said.

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A 2018 interview with the outletKravitz tattoo more details about his love — good and bad.

“I think the fact that they last is such an amazingly intense thing,” he explained. “It’s a deep way of decorating yourself, and I think they’re aesthetically beautiful. Even if you get a bad tattoo, it’s like … where you were at that time.”

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