Will Ferrell Tonight Show Audience members sit on his lap: Watch

Will Ferrell Tonight Show Audience members sit on his lap: Watch

Will Ferrell And Jimmy Fallon Get up close and personal with someone tonight’s show audience members.

Ferrell’s appearance on Thursday’s late-night show was a funny moment when cheerful The actor, 55, and host Fallon, 48, prompted an audience member to shout “Slay!” He shouted and explained. in an answer Justin Bieber Referred to as the sound of a sheep.

“Is it a thing? When you say ‘Justin Bieber,’ people go ‘Wow?'” Ferrell joked, prompting Fallon to say it The Tonight Show “Livestock are now allowed to be invited to the show.”

Bit continues as ex Live on Saturday night Cast members asked the audience for different animal sounds until Ferrell and Fallon jokingly identified an audience member as a “baby Bengal tiger”.

“I wish we could have held that baby Bengal,” Ferrell said, at which point Fallon chose a man from the front row and placed him on his guest’s lap.

“Want to sit on his lap? Sit on his lap, I guess,” Fallon told the audience member, who sat on Ferrell’s lap and pretended to be a baby tiger for the next two minutes of the segment.

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Ferrell and the “Bengal Tiger Cub” imitated a cat playing with a toy with a pen from Fallon’s desk as Ferrell jokingly explained that “that’s how they learn to hunt.”

“Be careful, be careful,” Fellon repeated as the man on Ferrell’s lap laughed and pawed at the two comedians.

“I do, yes, yes, yes,” the man said when Fallon asked if he liked the talk show, claiming Ferrell taught the “tiger” to speak English.

“The scientific community is going crazy over this guy,” Ferrell said. “They’re going crazy. He’s one of a kind. Because I have a lot of Bengal tigers and none of them speak English. That’s a first.”

Before Thursday tonight’s show The episode aired on NBC, Fallon explained Twitter That was not a “plant” from the show featured in the audience members section.

“For those of you watching the show tonight – the audience member who turns Will Ferrell into a Bengal Tiger is not a ‘plant’, it’s just Will’s genius going 90 mph,” he wrote on Twitter. “Thank you to our fans from Austria.”

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