Why Amy Schumer’s ‘Life and Beth’ Is a TV Show, Not a Movie – The Hollywood Reporter

Why Amy Schumer’s ‘Life and Beth’ Is a TV Show, Not a Movie – The Hollywood Reporter

Amy Schumerthe last project of Life and Beth has been described as “deeply personal”.

But the actress-comedian didn’t just draw on her own experiences to narrative details of Hulu dramatic comedy, about a woman who reflects on her painful adolescence when she returns to her hometown after an unexpected tragedy. She also used her own life to determine the format for the half-hour series.

“I was just paying attention to how I looked at things and observed the content,” Schumer said. The Hollywood Reporter during launch Life and Beth why she chose to tell this story in a TV show rather than a movie, like her vaguely autobiographical 2015 comedy Rail accident. “One night my husband and I were like, ‘Oh, we don’t want to watch a movie; It is too long.’ But we ended up watching this Ricky Gervais show after life, and we watched that for three hours or something. So I was like, you know, I’m enjoying bingeable stuff right now. And I think one of the criticisms about this series is that it feels like a movie, like a feature film, and that’s kind of what I was able to do. I just wanted to tell this story of how I consumed content.

Schumer’s longtime collaborator Kevin Kane, who co-stars and serves as an executive producer on Life and Bethindicated that the project’s format evolved from the story they wanted to tell, including the dual timeline following Schumer’s Beth as an adult and a teenager, with the younger version of her character played by Violet Young.

“It was our first time working on a narrative TV show and we just wanted to try and make the most of the location,” Kane said, speaking to THR recently at the premiere.

Schumer’s mother read every script and watched every episode of Life and Beth, and the actress-comedian has a strong relationship with her real sister Kim Caramele. But the actors who play Schumer’s character’s mother and sister, Laura Benanti and Susannah Flood, respectively, insist that they play fictional characters.

“I’m not playing Amy Schumer’s mother,” Benanti added. “I play Beth’s mother. We’ve talked a lot about this particular character, but I’m not playing Amy’s real mom in any way.

Flood shared, “The character I play is not Amy’s sister but of course Amy totally shared a lot of the dynamics that she goes through as a sister. I share the dynamic that I go through in my fraternal relationships. She was totally welcoming to any collaboration on the character and we kind of threw stuff at each other.

While Benati’s Jane is seen throughout the series in flashbacks, she also plays a key role in the tragedy that serves as the catalyst for Beth’s self-discovery.

As for why she chose this specific incident as the galvanizing moment, Schumer referenced the visual branch-breaking metaphor at the end of the show’s first episode.

“What doesn’t bend breaks,” Schumer said. “His whole life and his relationship with his mother is reaching this breaking point.”

Life and Beth been recently renewed for a second seasonoffering an opportunity to answer some lingering questions from the first season, including what might have influenced Beth’s sister growing up.

When asked what could have caused an apparent change in this character’s temperament from childhood to adulthood, Flood said, “I imagine a number of things about what it might be specifically. , but I’m kind of waiting for Amy to write this. I want her to be able to tell me what it is.

Young Beth (Violet Young) and Ann (Lily Fisher) in ‘Life and Beth
Jeong/Hulu Park

She still offered, “I think shit probably hit the fan. I think what we’re seeing is that Ann has this quirky spirit, and she’s a high-spirited kid, she has a natural capacity for joy, and then something happens that makes the access to all this much more difficult.

The 10 episodes of Life and BethThe first season of is streaming on Hulu.

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