‘White Lotus’ star Aubrey Plaza just wore the most daring high slit dress with sexy cutouts

‘White Lotus’ star Aubrey Plaza just wore the most daring high slit dress with sexy cutouts

Aubrey Plaza Always have the camera ready.

On October 20, HBO Max graced the actress white lotus Season 2 premiere event, where she wore a daring cutout dress by Stella McCartney that revealed a glimpse of her toned abs. Another detail that had people in awe was the high slit of the dress that exposed her legs, accentuated by her strappy red stiletto heels.

The HBO Max actress opted for sleek shoulder-length hair that ended in a slight bounce and tapered off at the asymmetrical neckline of the dress. The Parks and Recreation Complete the look with alum chunky gold hoops and minimalist rings. For her makeup, she went with a matte cherry red lip, and her hazel eyes popped thanks to white eyeshadow in her inner corners.

Axel/Bauer-Griffin//Getty Images

Aubrey Plaza attends the Los Angeles Season 2 Premiere of HBO Original Series The White Lotus

Axel/Bauer-Griffin//Getty Images

After the Hollywood TV event, Aubrey posted exclusive photos from the event on Instagram — with adorable snapshots with her co-stars Jennifer Coolidge And Haley Lou Richardson — and wrote, “White Lotus 🌹.”

white lotus Fans couldn’t get enough of her fiery pictures and left their thoughts on the bold look in the comments section. “Red is your color,” wrote one. “… That dress was made for you! 🔥,” added another. “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 BEST!!!” A different follower.

white lotus

white lotus

This isn’t the first time Aubrey has turned heads. for white lotus Season 2He actually filmed a scene where his character, Harper Spiller, walks around southern Sicily and eventually notices dozens of men staring at him.

“It’s like a tribute.”adventure,’ which is an Italian film starring Monica Vitti,” she said today. “We were actually shooting the exact location of the movie and shot the exact same shot that happens in the movie. So, it was very iconic, and it was great for me to do it because I love that movie.”

In addition to the show’s creator, Mike White, Harper is writing with Aubrey in mind. Ingrid goes west The actress went on to explain that she immediately connected with her role. “Me and the character have a lot in common,” she gushed to the outlet. “Not quite, but I definitely relate to him.”

Aubrey added: “I mean, she’s married, she doesn’t have kids, she’s a professional working woman – all those things make sense to me.”

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