What to watch in June 2022: Ms Marvel, Fire Island, Only Murders Season 2

What to watch in June 2022: Ms Marvel, Fire Island, Only Murders Season 2

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Whether you’re heading to the movies or surfing streaming services, there’s plenty to watch in June. These include a pair of arthouse favorites Terrence Davies and David Cronenberg, a TV miniseries from one of France’s top directors, a double feature from Jennifer Lopez and…did we mention the dinosaurs? There will also be dinosaurs. But first, let’s go to the beach.

Fire Island (Hulu, June 3)

Comedian and actor Joel Kim Booster adds another hyphen to his credits by scripting this Pride and Prejudice-Inspired romantic comedy set in the popular gay tourist destination of the title. Booster co-stars alongside SNL Bowen Yang and Conrad Ricamora (How to get away with murder), which play a trio of friends looking for a good time and maybe find something more. watch with a free trial at Hulu here.

Blessing (Meetings, June 3)

Those who know director Terrence Davies (The long day ends, the house of joy) know how to treat each new film as an event. The greatest chronicler of desire and repression, Davies follows his excellent biopic on Emily Dickinson A quiet passion with another film inspired by the life of a poet. This time it’s First World War poet Siegfried Sassoon, played by Jack Lowden, the star of the excellent recent series, slow horses.

Future Crimes (Meetings, June 3)

David Cronenberg returns with his first movie since 2014 and it looks like the most Cronenbergian movie imaginable. Set in the near future, it stars Viggo Mortensen and Léa Seydoux as performance artists who grow organs on stage. This description should probably tell you whether you want to be front-row or avoid the movie altogether. Kristen Stewart co-stars.

Irma Vep (HBO Max, June 6)

An exercise in illusion, reality and blurred personalities, the 1996 film by Olivier Assayas Irma Vep cast Maggie Cheung as the actress in a remake of the French silent classic Les Vampires. Given the original’s reflections on the state of cinema in the ’90s, it’s probably fitting that this new version, also written and directed by Assayas, takes the form of a TV miniseries, a space where many creators fled to test their most ambitious ideas. . Alicia Vikander is starring this time around, but don’t expect a straightforward remake (especially since the original was quite twisty itself). Watch on HBO Max here.

The Janes (HBO Max, June 8)

A freshly timely documentary, this documentary directed by Tia Lessen and Emma Pildes revisits the case of “The Janes,” five women arrested in 1972 for helping others find safe and legal abortions. What might have seemed like a piece of history just a few months ago now feels like a vision of the future. Watch on HBO Max here.

Ms. Marvel (Disney+, June 8)

Kamala Khan, a superhero-loving Muslim teenager who develops her own powers, became an instant revelation for Marvel Comics when she was introduced in 2013. This new six-episode series brings Khan into the world of action by direct from the MCU in a series with Iman Vellani. And, in typical MCU fashion, it lays the groundwork for future projects: Khan will also appear in the live-action movie, Wonders. Watch on Disney+ here.

Jurassic World Dominion (Meetings, June 10)

In this second sequel to jurassic world, a 2015 film about a dinosaur theme park stupidly opened despite the disastrous events of Jurassic Park and its sequels, dinosaurs began to run wild all over the world. Who could have seen this happen? Global director Colin Trevorrow returns to the franchise alongside stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard and original stars of jurassic park: Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum. See tickets and timetables here.

Hustle (Netflix and select theaters, June 10)

Adam Sandler’s Netflix movies have been mostly straightforward comedies, but the star is breaking with his latest drama, a drama in which he plays a down-on-his-luck sports agent making a long-winded bid for a comeback by supporting a struggling player. Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall co-stars alongside a group of big names in the NBA. Watch on Netflix here.

dark winds (AMC, June 12)

Between 1970 and 2006, Tony Hillerman published 18 novels featuring Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn, Navajo police officers patrolling the Navajo Nation. That’s a lot of source material for this new AMC series starring Kiowa Gordon (as Chee) and Zahn McClarnon (as Leaphorn) to build on if it turns out to be a hit. This first season is set in 1971 and involves a homicide that could be linked to other crimes (and may have a spiritual connection). Watch on AMC here.

half time (Netflix, June 14)

Jennifer Lopez has been everywhere in 2022. In the cinema, she has already starred in Marry me and can be reviewed in shotgun wedding when it debuts on Prime Video on June 29. It all adds up to a busy music career and other projects. How does she do all this? This documentary by Amanda Michell, which uses Lopez’s film 2020 Super Bowl halftime performance as a focal point, could provide some of the answers. Watch on Netflix here.

crazy god (thrill, June 16)

Phil Tippett is a special effects legend whose work can be seen in everything from the original star wars movies at Robotcop to Dusk Movies. Tippett has worked in many aspects of visual effects, but he is a master of stop motion animation and started this feature film as a side project (and passion) in the late 80’s. He completed years later with the help of volunteers and Kickstarter and fans of his work won’t want to miss a very experimental tour de force that plays like Eraserhead directed by Hieronymous Bosch. Look here Shudder.

The old man (FX, June 16)

After being sidelined by cancer and Covid-19, Jeff Bridges makes an extremely welcome return as the star of this new series adapted from a 2017 thriller by novelist Thomas Perry. Bridges plays a former CIA agent forced into hiding, and that’s where his troubles really begin. John Lithgow, Amy Brenneman, Alia Shawkat and Gbenga Akinnagbe co-star. watch with a free trial of FX on Hulu here.

Cha Cha real smooth (Apple TV+ and select theaters, June 17)

Writer/director/star Cooper Raiff has conquered Sundance with this charming and poignant comedy about a recent college graduate named Andrew (Raiff) who finds himself adrift for a summer working as a Bar and Mat Mitzvah party starter and begin a difficult-to-define relationship with Domino (Dakota Johnson), the mother of an autistic teenager (Vanessa Burghardt). Watch on Apple TV here.

Pixar’s Year of Lightning (Meetings, June 17)

Chris Evans plays the role of Buzz Lightyear in this kind of spin-off from the toy story movies. But, instead of portraying Buzz as a toy, this movie imagines the character’s adventures as the action hero who inspired the toy. It’s a little confusing, but it feels like Pixar’s version of a galaxy-spanning sci-fi adventure that has the potential to be a whole lot of fun. See tickets and timetables here.

Good luck to you, Leo Grande (Hulu, June 17)

Another Sundance standout in 2022, this comedy stars Emma Thompson as Nancy, a recent widow who hires Leo (Daryl McCormack), a beautiful sex worker, in a bid to see what she’s been missing after a mediocre sex life. The two get more than they bargained for in this film directed by Sophie Hyde. watch with a free trial at Hulu here.

spider head (Netflix, June 17)

Joseph Kosinski isn’t done with summer movies after directing the much-loved Top Gun: Maverick. This futuristic thriller reunites him with Miles Teller, who plays an inmate in a prison performing experiments on his inmates. Adapted from a short story by george saundersit also stars Chris Hemsworth and Jurnee Smollett.

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The black phone (Meetings, June 24)

Director Scott Derrickson, co-writer C. Robert Cargill and Ethan Hawke previously teamed up 10 years ago for the much-loved horror flick Claim, which would be reason enough to look forward to this adaptation of a Joe Hill story even if the trailer didn’t make it terrifying. Hawke plays “The Grabber”, a child kidnapper who could be undone by an escaped victim and the help of the supernatural.

Elvis (Meetings, June 24)

Baz Luhrmann has never been the subtle type and this Elvis Presley biopic doesn’t seem likely to change that. Austin Butler stars as the king of rock and roll in a film that covers his life and pays special attention to his dodgy manager Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). Expect spectacle, drama and lots of song.

Booty (Apple TV+, June 24)

Joel Kim Booster is almost ending June. In addition to Fire Islandhe is part of the cast of this new comedy starring Maya Rudolph in which Rudolph plays a woman beyond wealth who gets involved with a charitable foundation after a public meltdown. Watch on Apple TV here.

Only murders in the building (Hulu, June 28)

One of the best shows of the last year returns, reuniting the amateur sleuths played by Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez for another season of their true crime podcast and giving them another mystery to solve. The creators were understandably tight-lipped about the plot, but we do know of a few guest stars: Amy Schumer and Shirley MacLaine. watch with a free trial at Hulu here.

shotgun wedding (Prime Video, June 29)

Jennifer Lopez continues her attempt to keep the rom-com alive with her second entry into the genre this year after Marry me. Lopez stars alongside Josh Duhamel as a couple whose destination wedding takes a tumultuous turn thanks to a hostage situation. watch with a Free 30-day trial on Amazon Prime here.

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