What is the trickle-down effect if the Red Sox replace Xander Bogaerts internally?

What is the trickle-down effect if the Red Sox replace Xander Bogaerts internally?

The Red Sox reportedly have a franchise cornerstone-sized void to fill with shortstop Xander Bogaerts, leaving Boston for the San Diego Padres on an 11-year deal.

Bogaerts, whom Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Blum has called the organization’s No. 1 priority this offseason, reportedly $280 million over 11 seasons. That’s quite a financial commitment for the 30-year-old infielder. So with Boston’s Plan A heading into the National League West, the Red Sox are left with plans B, C and D to navigate through. They try to compete In an incredibly deep American League East.

is left Alternatives in the open market For the Red Sox. Both Carlos Correa and Dansby Swanson, two of the top four shortstops entering free agency, are still available. There are other lesser-known veterans in this position as well. But do the Red Sox prefer to stay away from outside additions, they do There are internal options Bogaerts to fill the role.

The Red Sox said both two-time Major League Baseball All-Star shortstop Trevor Story and versatile Kike Hernandez to be able to location game As it relates to the story, the move back from second base to shortstop was a possible outcome when the Red Sox signed him to a six-year deal worth $140 million last offseason. Story spent his first six seasons playing shortstop for the Colorado Rockies and recorded a .979 fielding percentage, although his arm strength in the hole was a factor in his move to second base. On the other hand, Hernandez has 64 career starts at shortstop with a similar .978 fielding percentage.

Of course, moving Story or Hernandez would fill one hole and create another. If the Red Sox prove how about it, Boston will then have to find a new everyday second baseman or center fielder, depending on who was moved. Those positions don’t feature a whole lot of depth on the open market, with centerfield headlined by Brandon Nimmo and Kevin Kiermaier and second base highlighted by Jean Segura and Adam Frazier. A trade for an outfielder (Perhaps Brian Reynolds?) is not off the table either.

If the story shifts to shortstop, which seems likely in the interior scenario, Christian Arroyo is a conceivable option to take the bag at second base. The 27-year-old Arroyo, who has impressed while in the lineup, hasn’t proven overly reliable due to injuries. Fellow infielder Jeter Downs, who made his MLB debut for the Red Sox last season and played in 14 games, also spent 56 innings (eight games) at second base. There is a chance Downs could complement Arroyo at the position, though it will be difficult to bring the same pop to the lineup. This invasive production can only exist externally.

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