Warren Beatty accuser Christina Charlotte Hirsch says she was a ’14-year-old’ virgin when the actor ‘raped’ her in 1973

Warren Beatty accuser Christina Charlotte Hirsch says she was a ’14-year-old’ virgin when the actor ‘raped’ her in 1973

The woman accused legendary actor and filmmaker Warren Beatty of forcing her to have sex with him in 1973 when she was just 14 years old after thinking the relationship was “something special.”

“I was a 14-year-old virgin in 1973 and was brought and introduced to Warren Beatty on the set of ‘Parallax View’ by an adult for sexual distraction,” Christina Charlotte Hirsch said in 2017. YouTube video That resurfaced shortly after she filed a lawsuit detailing her allegations against the “Bonnie and Clyde” star.

“I was unaware of this, and from the spring of 1973 until the following January of 1974, carried on a relationship that I thought was something special.

“Although it was a crime that BT raped me … had oral sex with me … and emotionally damaged me for the last 44 years,” she said.

The Post reached out to Hirsch — who goes by the name Tina St. Clair in the video — and represents Beatty for comment.

According to the case Filed by Hirsch on Monday, Beatty “used his role, status and power as a well-known Hollywood star to solicit, manipulate, exploit and coerce sexual contact from her over a period of several months” in 1973 while she was living in Los Angeles.

Warren Beatty
Warren Beatty allegedly forced Hirsch to have sex.
Film Magic/C Flanigan
Tina St. Clair
Christina Hirsch, known as Tina St. Clair, said in a 2017 video that she is still dealing with the effects of the alleged abuse.
Tina St. Clair/Facebook
Beatty Accused
Hirsch’s video explains how she wants justice for the alleged affair.
Tina St. Clair Hirsch/YouTube

He did not mention Beatty by name in the lawsuit, but noted his acting roles and praise.

Her lawsuit claims the alleged abuse caused her to “suffer severe mental, physical and emotional distress, including humiliation, shame and guilt.”

In the newly released video, she requests to speak with CNN’s Anderson Cooper to promote her story.

Warren Beatty,

Warren Beatty in a scene from “The Parallax View”.

Warren Beatty,

Beatty was in his thirties when the film was shot.

“Our time is God’s time, and our patience is a virtue,” he added. “By the grace of God, we ask all predators, pedophiles … and all those who are not good to please repent and seek counsel.”

He ended his message, which was less than two minutes long, with: “In Jesus’ name we pray. Thank you.”

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