Tom Cruise Reveals Tackling Top Gun: Maverick Was a ‘Tough Job’ | Ents & Arts News

Tom Cruise Reveals Tackling Top Gun: Maverick Was a ‘Tough Job’ | Ents & Arts News

Top Gun is the film that propelled Tom Cruise to superstardom in 1986.

Now the sequel, perhaps the most anticipated movie in decades, is set to hit cinemas here next week.

But the actor admits it wasn’t the easiest sequel to make.

“Taking charge of the Top Gun sequel was a daunting task,” Cruise said. “Fans all over the world – more than any movie in decades said please make another one, and I was like – I don’t know how to do this.

“And I was going home and thinking about how to approach it, so to hear what the public thinks about it, I’m telling you I just feel, I’m so excited for them, I’m so happy about it , I’m relieved for them, you know.”

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Photo: Paramount Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick arrives 36 years after its predecessor, but Cruise says there’s a strong line between them.

Inside Sky’s exclusive interview for Tom Cruise: Movie Maverick on Sky Showcase and Sky Max this Saturday at 8pm, the actor revealed: “The foundation of the story that we have in this film goes back to 1986,” he said. “So the dynamic of that relationship that we were talking about at the time was there originally.”

But while it seems like fans of the original are bound to get hooked on the new movie, it remains to be seen if it can appeal to a whole new generation.

Jennifer Connelly, who plays Maverick’s love interest Penny, told Sky News it was carefully crafted to appeal to both sections of the audience.

“I think it’s a great balance between a fun and nostalgic homage to the original, but also something new,” she said.

“It’s amazingly moving, people I’ve spoken to who see it say, ‘I was crying and I didn’t expect this’.

“I think it’s moving and also the flight that they’re able to do is completely on another level.”

Jennifer Connelly plays Penny Benjamin. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Indeed, by waiting so long to make a sequel, it was time for technology to catch up, with now smaller and more powerful cameras, director Joseph Kosinski could put six in the cockpits with the actors while they were in the air and filming at a level that means the film can be screened in IMAX theaters.

But while harnessing the benefits of new technology, the film is also full of ties to the original, which was not only a box office success but also had a cultural impact, boosting sunglasses sales. and motorcycles, and even caused an increase in interest. for the US Navy aviation program.

Few films can speak to their own legacy – but as it comes full circle for Cruise – this film has come to mean a lot, to a lot of people.

Tom Cruise plays Captain Pete "maverick" Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick from Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Jon Hamm, who joined the cast as Top Gun’s new Maverick boss – Vice Admiral Beau “Cyclone” Simpson – says maybe it’s because it’s relatable.

“We’ve all gotten older and we make different decisions than we might have made in our twenties and words like responsibility and duty and friendship and loyalty and all of those things mean something different,” he said. told Sky News.

“I think that’s why people react so emotionally to cinema – I think they really grow with it – it’s an amazing thing to see.”

Jon Hamm plays Adm.  Handsome "Cyclone" Simpson in Top Gun: Maverick from Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.  Photo: Paramount Pictures/Scott Garfield
Jon Hamm plays Adm. Handsome ‘Cyclone’ Simpson. Photo: Paramount Pictures/Scott Garfield

Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters on May 25.

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