Tom Brady Reunites With Rob Gronkowski … In Movie About Four Older Women Who Want To Watch Brady’s ‘Last’ Super Bowl

Tom Brady Reunites With Rob Gronkowski … In Movie About Four Older Women Who Want To Watch Brady’s ‘Last’ Super Bowl

Guy Fieri also has a role in “80 for Brady”. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Best Friends)

What happens when you get together Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, Oscar winner Sally Field, EGOT winner Rita Moreno, former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski and celebrity chef Guy Fieri? Definitely a hit movie.

The trailer for “80 for Brady” dropped on Thursday, and it’s… a lot to unpack. The premise — which is apparently based on a true story — follows four women in their 80s who promise Brady a trip to Super Bowl LI to watch what could be his “final” Super Bowl. Field, Moreno, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star as the four women at the center of the story. That’s a surprising amount of star power in a movie about Brady.

Brady isn’t featured much in the trailer, but he’ll be donning his New England Patriots gear for the film. He will be surrounded by some former teammates. In addition to Gronkowski, Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman will both star in the film.

Oh, right, and Guy Fieri is here too. You should probably watch the trailer. Even if you think the movie doesn’t appeal to you, the casting and premise are so outlandish that you’ll be left with plenty of questions.

So what do we have here? Well, you’ve got older women involving Brady, Gronk erotica, a buddy road-trip comedy, a Moreno dab (we think), a hot wings contest hosted by Field Fieri, some twists and jerk choreography, bad and extra—Gronkowski’s best. Acting and a necessary scene where the women start taking drugs and become one of them.

If you read that last paragraph and thought we covered a few of those plot points, that’s not the case. Everything you see above is – like “Key and Pill” skit About “Gremlins 2” — at the movie. We were tempted to make some things though.

If all of this sounds like a studio exec throwing a bunch of darts at actors and plot points and athletes and celebrity chefs and randomly coming up with this cast … yeah, we’d believe it too.

Will “80 for Brady” actually be good? It’s not for us to tell. The four leading ladies are legitimately legends of the acting and entertainment world, so there’s star power here. Some Gronkowski flirting, a Fieri drug trip and the Super Bowl, and maybe — like Fieri.”Trash can nachos” – will result in a recipe you didn’t know you needed.

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