‘The View’ Cohost Anna Navarro Gets “Stuck Quarantine” In NYC Hotel After Testing Positive For Covid

‘The View’ Cohost Anna Navarro Gets “Stuck Quarantine” In NYC Hotel After Testing Positive For Covid

Ana Navarro is opening up about her experience with Covid as she reveals she tested positive for the virus before Thanksgiving Day. scene was missing from cohost ABC talk show starting Monday, Nov. 21, and Navarro shares why.

“It’s been a hell of a week. Covid got me again. The test came positive on Monday. Stuck in quarantine in a hotel in NYC. Got treatment,” she shared Instagram Saturday, November 26. “Fortunately, now feeling well and testing negative. I was triple-boosted and thought that saved me. I never wore a mask anywhere. I was complacent.”

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Navarro said he “thought he had a little head cold” but it turns out he had Covid. The political commentator said the daytime speaker “constantly tests” the talent and that’s why he found out he had contracted the virus.

Navarro emphasized the importance of getting tested when someone experiences symptoms because “we now have several readily available free treatments that can drastically reduce and shorten symptoms.”

“And if we test and know we have Covid, that hopefully stops us from spreading the damn thing,” he added.

However, Navarro found humor in everything he went through this Thanksgiving, saying, “One silver lining is that this is the first Thanksgiving in my adult life when I’ve lost weight instead of gaining it. Even though @leeschrager sent her leftovers from the feast and there’s a coconut cake in the fridge that Calling my name. ‘Anaaaaa.’ ‘Aaaaaaa, eat me.’

Navarro wasn’t alone scene The cohost who recently tested positive for Covid as Whoopi Goldberg was also out of the show to recover. Goldberg returned to the talk show The day Navarro tested positive for the virus.

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