The Family Guy cast reminisces about the iconic series as it hits its 400th episode

The Family Guy cast reminisces about the iconic series as it hits its 400th episode

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The long-running animated series will air its milestone 400th episode on Fox Sunday night. The episode, titled “Get Stewie,” sees Stewie Griffin “publicly humiliated when a popstar turns his fan base on him for an unkind comment,” reads a description of the episode.

Elsewhere, Griffin family patriarch Peter Griffin “gets lap band surgery and enjoys extra skin.”

Ahead of the big premiere, the star-studded voice cast spoke exclusively to PEOPLE about what reaching 400 episodes means to them.

for Mila KunisHe’s just “very happy for this job.”

“It’s the greatest gig on the planet,” says Kunis, who voices Meg Griffin. family member 400th Celebration on the Fox Studio Lot in Los Angeles. “I think I’ve said it — you can find this quote — for 20 years, ‘I’m so grateful for this job.’ I love everyone here.”

After 400 episodes aired over 21 seasons, that’s tough Seth MacFarlane — series creator and voice actor for some of the show’s primary characters — to choose a favorite joke told over the years.

“I have to sit here for about an hour and think. I have to come online and go through it all over again,” said McFarlane, 49. “That’s really sad. I can’t think of one. Too many. It’s like saying what genre is your favorite song of all time? Who can answer that?”

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seth green, who voices Chris Griffin, thinks it’s “crazy” that they’ve come this far. The series, which premiered in 1999, was originally canceled by Fox in 2002 after three seasons. But when it gained cult popularity, the network decided to revive the series.

Meanwhile, Green is looking forward to celebrating the 400th episode milestone.

“I’ve got a really good knack for absorbing moments and not over-processing them, I guess. It’s pretty crazy,” says the 48-year-old actor. How rare is it to last that long with 21 seasons? It’s rare.”

Green added, “Also, the history of our show. It’s impossible to be here full time. So I’m grateful for all of that. I love doing it, so I’m enjoying it as much as I can. Being able to do it.”

As for his favorite moments over the years, Green said it’s “always the best” when they get to perform live in front of fans.

“There have been some ticketed shows where we’re actually doing a stage reading of it with video and everything. It’s really cool,” he recalls. “Sometimes only at Comic-Con San Diego, because the fans are all there and those are the best moments because you’re just in the booth. You really have no way of predicting if people are laughing at it or anything like that.”


for this Alex Borsteinwho voices Lois Griffin, quipped that reaching 400 episodes “means job security.”

“It really does. It’s an amazing, amazing, amazing race, and it’s like family,” said Awesome Mrs Maisel Actress, 51. “I haven’t seen much of these guys for years now [because of the COVID-19 pandemic]. We were very separated, and it’s going to be a really fun reunion once I get in there. It’s an unusual situation to have a family that stays together in Hollywood.”

Given that the show has now been around for over two decades, its longevity going forward is a question for many long-time fans. Borstein, however, will “definitely” continue to work on the show as long as he can.

“If the show goes on, I’m there. These scripts, every time I read them, I still laugh,” she shares. “For me, that’s the defining factor. If there are three laugh out louds per script, that’s golden, because especially when you work in comedy, you don’t usually laugh out loud. So for me, I’m ready.”

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family member Airs Sundays at 9:30 pm ET on Fox.

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