The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Taylor must decide whether to end her marriage

The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Taylor must decide whether to end her marriage

In Douglas’s bedroom, Taylor doesn’t understand what’s going on, but nothing is going to ruin this day. Thomas assures her that he and Steffy will take care of their little things and she can focus on her special day. Steffy snapped, “Nice try, Thomas, but Mom needs to know what you did.” Taylor looks frustrated and worried.

In the Forrester living room, Lee tells Ridge and the others that Douglas still seems a bit subdued. It’s not like him, says Reese. Finn offers to test him and Eric thinks he’s probably overwhelmed. Lee notes it’s a big day — especially for Ridge. He looks thoughtful.

At Brooke’s place, Donna and Katie reassure Brooke that they will get through this horrible day together and tell her how much they love her. There was a knock on the door and Brooke frowned – she wasn’t expecting anyone. He walks over, opens it and shouts, “Daddy!” Stephen, along with his girlfriend Lucy, give Donna and Katie a big hug as they gasp with happiness.
Donna Brooke Stephen Lucy B&B

Stephen and Lucy hug Donna and Katie, who rave about how nice it is to finally meet a girlfriend face-to-face. Lucy explains that they were passing through and Stephen wanted to make their visit a surprise. They are excited about Hope’s fashion preview and Lucy says the Forresters and Logans are an unbeatable team. The girls face drops and Stephen tells her to hurry up. Brooke reveals that Ridge is marrying Taylor today.
Katie Donna Brooke Stephen B&B

At the Forrester estate, Ridge thanks Carter for agreeing to officiate, and Lee speculates that the wedding will begin soon. Eric thinks, “Not without a bride…”

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Upstairs, Thomas and Steffy fight as he begs her to let it go and make their mom and dad happy. Steffy blares, “Brooke never called Thomas to child protective services like dad thinks!” Taylor is shocked.

At Brooke’s place, she tells Stephen that she doesn’t trust Thomas, who has made no secret of how he feels about her, and that she wants him out of Ridge’s life. “And here we are!” Stephen thinks that Ridge should have given him the benefit of the doubt and told him what was going on before turning back to Taylor, “I mean, what happened?” He could do more to help. Brooke reassures her that just being there and being supportive is enough. They hug and express their love.
Brook Stephen Lucy B&B

At the Forrester mansion, Carter finds Ridge staring out the window. He tells her he wants her to be happy. “Me,” says Reese. Carter accepts this and assures her that he is there for support and comfort. They rejoin the others who wonder what is holding Taylor. Lee says he was almost ready when he saw her. Carter figures emotions are running high for her, Steffy and Thomas.

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Above, Steffy won’t let her parents get married without knowing the truth. She knows they love each other but Brooke didn’t make that call to CPS. Thomas tells Steffy that this is a bad idea. Steffy explains to Taylor that Douglas has a voice-changing app on her phone, and Brooke plays part of the call for her. Then he rings again with Thomas’s voice. It’s not what it seems, he tells his mother. Taylor shouted, “Say it now!” “I called CPS,” says Thomas well. Taylor gasps, “Oh my god!” Thomas argues that it doesn’t matter – look where they are now. He’s done and Brooke is gone and out of their lives. Their mother is about to marry their father. Steffy protests that they can’t base their marriage on a lie. “Father must know the truth!”
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At Brooke’s place, they all try to understand that Reese is remarrying Taylor. Stephen wonders what could have happened to stop Ridge like that. Brooke doesn’t know but more and more she thinks Thomas has something to do with it. Donna explains that she doesn’t even try to hide her hatred for Brooke. Katie adds that it’s a relentless campaign from Steffy and Thomas, though Steffy has lines she won’t cross… Thomas, not so much. Brooke wonders how Thomas somehow came between Ridge and her, and now he’s minutes away from marrying another woman.

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In the Forrester living room, Finn reports that Steffy, Thomas, and Taylor are all in one room together. He didn’t want to knock. Ridge shrugs, “Let them have their moment.”

Upstairs, Steffy tells her mother that she wants her to marry Ridge, but won’t start their life together based on lies. Taylor breathes as fast as Steffy hollers that Ridge thinks Brooke called CPS and that’s a lie. He pointed at Thomas, “It was you!” Thomas wonders why he is so determined to blow it up. She wanted their parents together for years and should thank her! Taylor exploded, “Thank you?!? Thomas, do you realize what you’ve done? Why, why did you do that?!? Are you having a problem? You handled this whole situation. I thought you changed!”
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Thomas has changed; He did this just for their family. Brooke has blown up and destroyed their family for years and she’s sick of it. He sees the look Taylor gave Steffy and is sorry if he let her down, but Reese says he wants to be with her because he loves her, not because of anything Brooke did. “Then go down and marry the man.” Steffy somewhat agrees but they can’t get married like this. “Mom, you have to say something.” Taylor Rail, “Oh my god, Thomas, I can’t even look at you! Why did you do this?!?” Steffy doesn’t care about Brooke but what Thomas did to her was wrong – Taylor needs to tell Ridge. Taylor wants to believe that Brooke is not with her because of something she did. Steffy reiterates that she needs to know. Thomas tells his mother that if she tells his father, his entire relationship with him will be ruined. Taylor said that he should have thought about it before doing it! Steffy and Thomas take turns telling Taylor what she should do until the wedding music starts. Taylor panicked, “What am I going to do?!?” He asks for a minute. Thomas tells her, “Just do it. Go and get married.” “Not until you tell dad first,” says Steffy. Once alone, Taylor exhales and agonizes.

At Brooke’s place, she thinks that Ridge is probably saying his vows to Taylor while they’re talking. “What’s going on?”

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In Forrester’s living room, everyone is waiting for the bride. Steffy and Thomas appear and Ridge asks if there’s a problem he should know about. Thomas said they were just talking to mom about how important this day is to their family. Douglas and Steffy exchange a glance and he nods at her. On the way to the altar, he hands the boy his phone back.
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The wedding procession begins, and Taylor walks down the stairs holding her bouquet. He looks at Steffy and then Thomas and Ridge tilts his head, sensing that something is off. An emotional Taylor walks up the aisle and joins Reese, who asks, “Are you okay?”
Steffi Taylor Carter Ridge Thomas Wedding B&B

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