Snoop Dogg’s former blunt roller also denies the rapper smokes 75-150 blunts a day, blaming ‘bad journalism’ for misquotes

Snoop Dogg’s former blunt roller also denies the rapper smokes 75-150 blunts a day, blaming ‘bad journalism’ for misquotes

Renegade Piranha, Snoop Dogg’s ex Professional blunt rollerTMZ spoke to confirm the false news that many media outlets have reported about the musician’s daily consumption of marijuana.

During an interview on Australian radio The Kyle and Jackie Show, she shares her career journey and what her daily routine is like. When asked how many blunts he has rolled in his entire life, he revealed that he believes he has rolled at least 450,000 blunts since turning what was once a hobby into a professional career.

“Oh my goodness, all my life … I didn’t count, but we did once, just for fun, do a little count of how many I’ve rolled since 2016, since I got professional gigs for Snoop and all the other clients after that,” she told Kyle and Jackie. said “We count it somewhere around 450,000 so far.”

Although Piranha clearly stated that it was the total for all of his clients over the past few years, some media outlets linked the amount to Snoop Dogg and claimed that he smoked 75-150 blunt Every day. when I like weed The artist caught wind of the news, posting a video on Instagram with the caption “Stop lying,” which he unfortunately believed to be from Pro Roller.

when TMZ Following up with Piranha after Snoop Dogg responded to the false allegations, he cleared the air and revealed that he doesn’t appreciate how the media takes a snippet and runs with a fake story, because he would never share his clients’ personal business. He admits that he doesn’t work directly with his celebrity clients, only with their managers or teams.

In the interview, Jackie O. Asked me how many rolls I do a day and I replied that I usually do a pound and a half to half a pound a day. He asked if it was for him and I said ‘no, no, no it’s for all my clients combined,'” he told TMZ in a video clip. “I never hinted at what or how much the clients smoke or anything. All publications run with bad journalism and sensational reporting of things that were literally never said. So, I feel awful ’cause nobody likes a misquote.

He continued, “For the record, I’ve never said how much any of my clients smoke or what they smoke. I’ve never said what their favorite strain is … because that’s personal information. And frankly, to know what their average day is like. Because I’m not with them 24/7.”

Piranha didn’t get to talk to Snoop Dogg, but he feels bad that the interview turned into fake news.

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