‘SNL’ Writers to ‘Boycott’ Dave Chappelle’s Return as Host

‘SNL’ Writers to ‘Boycott’ Dave Chappelle’s Return as Host

(News Nation) — Dave Chappelle’s anticipated appearance as host of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend is causing a bit of a stir as many of the show’s writers protest his presence.

Some writers plan to pull Chappelle’s episode due to the comedian’s recent string of what they call “transphobic and homophobic jokes.” According to a report from Page Six.

“They’re not going to put on a show. But none of the actors are boycotting,” an insider told Page Six.

Chappelle was on “30 Rock” in a meeting with writers and producers on Tuesday, and her rep told Page Six, “There is no evidence of a boycott.”

“The room was full of writers. They all came up with ideas and they seemed very excited about it. … Dave is looking to have some fun,” his rep said.

“SNL” It was announced last week that the “Chappelle Show” star will host the show November 12 with musical guest Black Star. This will be his third time as host. Various reports.

After the announcement, “SNL” writer Celeste Im posted a photo on Instagram Stories and wrote: “I’m trans and non-binary. I use they/them pronouns. Transphobia is murder and should be condemned. The Daily Mail reported.

Although Yim did not mention Chappelle directly, the timing suggested that their post was critical of Chappelle’s choice as host.

Chappell received earlier Reactions from the LGBTQ+ community His Netflix special “The Closer” followed that angered some viewers because some of the jokes were aimed at the trans community.

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