Shawn Johnson East and family celebrate Thanksgiving with tradition

Shawn Johnson East and family celebrate Thanksgiving with tradition

Shawn Johnson East is celebrated thank you with his loved ones.

On Thursday, the retired Olympic gymnast, 30, shared family photos from her chaotic Thanksgiving morning — which included a last-minute invitation to an earlier family turkey trot.

Posing next to her husband Andrew East And their two children — son Jett James, 16 months, and daughter Drew Hazel, 3 — gave Sean a peek at the fun run, and what it took to get his family ready to go.

“If you’ve ever wondered what it was like getting married in the East Family — waking up 15 minutes early and finding out we’re having a turkey trot in 20 minutes,” Sean said in an Instagram video. “I don’t have a sports bra. I don’t have running shoes. Andrew doesn’t have running shoes. And we’re taking the kids. We don’t have a jogging stroller.”

Shawn Johnson / Instagram

Although the run appeared to be a last-minute commitment, Shawn updated his followers to let them know that the entire family made it to the run — and completed the event. She shared a photo of the four of them, as well as a photo of the entire East family at the finish line.

Shawn Johnson / Instagram

The family then shares another peek into their day, including an “Eastern family tradition” of lying in the middle of a street as they roll out of bed.

“It all started when Papa East woke up one morning walking their first child on Thanksgiving morning,” Shawn captioned a photo of himself, Andrew, Jett and Drew lying on an empty street, emphasizing how they were doing it while they were there. There was no traffic.

“They noticed the beauty of how quiet it was and Dad said ‘It was so quiet you could literally lie down in the middle of the road.’ Now every year…everyone in our family from all over the country and the world sends us pictures of themselves on Thanksgiving morning,” he continued.

Shawn Johnson/Instagram

Last month, the family of four shared sweet shots on Halloween, where they dressed up as characters from Disney’s 2013 musical film. frozen.

Sean was in his Instagram post shared on Monday Dressed like Anna while her husband went as Christoph.

Their daughter Drew was dressed as Elsa, Anna’s sister who has the magical ability to turn things into ice, and Jet went on to play Olaf the snowman. Their golden retriever Nash donated reindeer antlers to accompany the family as Sven.

Shawn Johnson East/Instagram

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In the summer, the Olympian enjoyed a Very emotional trip with her family in Des Moines, Iowa, where she met her lifelong gymnastics coach, Liang Chou, at her gym with her children.

In the video, Sean, who was joined by his parents and other family members, recalls meeting Chow at age 5 and falling in love with gymnastics. He celebrated him and his wife as “some of the most special people in my life” and explained that he couldn’t see his little ones sooner because of the pandemic.

Chow was a big hit with the kids, holding Jet as he explored the bars with his mouth and cheering Drew on as he ran.

“It took him 30-45 minutes to warm up to him,” Sean said of the kid and the coach. “And then, they were best friends.”

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