Sadie Robertson and husband Christian Hough reveal the sex of baby No. 2

Sadie Robertson and husband Christian Hough reveal the sex of baby No. 2

Sadie Robertson and her husband Christian Half There is another girl on the way!

Friday, the Duck Dynasty The alum, 25, shared sweet moments from the couple’s sex reveal party on Instagram and wrote that they were “so excited” to follow the special day.

During the party, Huff swung a baseball bat to learn the gender of their new baby. Robertson threw the ball at him and it exploded in pink smoke after Huff made a lucky hit.

The young couple are already parents to daughter Honey James Hough who celebrated her first birthday on May 11.

After learning the gender of their second child share sweetly That they were “Team Girls”.

Before learning the gender of their new baby, the new dad shared in the video that he was ready for another girl and wore a pink shirt, shoes, and even chewed pink bubble gum because she was “team girl.”

“Everyone here is team boy but definitely girls,” she said proudly.

The couple first revealed they were expecting another child in an Instagram post in early November. In the post, the family is seen laughing on the front porch of a home while Robertson snaps an ultrasound photo.

“Another small miracle in progress,” he wrote in the caption.

Future parents of two children Married in November 2019. Following the first year of their marriage, Robertson Shared with people That she was grateful when they got married.

“When it was our anniversary Christian and I were talking about a lot of questions, like, ‘What surprised us about each other? What didn’t we expect?’ And all of that. And honestly, I think with Christian, what really surprised me, what I didn’t realize was how great of a friend he would be,” she told People.

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“I know he was my best friend and you’re like, ‘Oh, they’re my best friend’. But to really step into that role and always be a friend, always be there, always be there for me, always make me laugh, Always having that strength. And I’m really grateful to look back a year and say, ‘You’re such a good friend,'” he added.

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