Rudenko coaches USA women’s team to first place in international math competition – News

Rudenko coaches USA women’s team to first place in international math competition – News

During Rudenko’s six years in Pittsburgh, he coached local middle and high school students and worked with Loh to coach the United States International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) team. He also helped train American and international high school students in the Mathematical Association of America’s Mathematical Olympiad summer program at CMU. Under Loh’s leadership, the United States has placed first four times since 2015. Rudenko was part of that effort.

“I think he very clearly brings a strong intellectual ability,” Loh said. “On top of that, he brings the ability to inspire young people to want to get into the field, and that’s a wonderful combination.”

Before going to Hungary, Rudenko defended his doctoral thesis in early April. ACO is an interdisciplinary doctorate. program administered jointly by the Operational research group in the Tepper School of Businessthe Computer Science department in the Informatic school and the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the Mellon College of Science.

“Even though these problems seem very similar, the minor differences that define the problems make each problem so different that they require separate approaches,” he said. “I also did mathematical modeling of business-consumer interactions to understand how to strike a balance and also shift it so that everyone is better off.”

R.Ravibusiness professor Andris A. Zoltners, advised Rudenko.

“In his PhD work, Alex brought creative ideas ranging from optimization to designing algorithms for problems of rapid information dissemination in networks, designing layered logistics networks with economies of scale across the layers, as well as modeling and explaining how companies respond to tech-savvy customers. In the other direction, by using these applications to create new optimization models, he was able to generalize some of these methods to more abstract contexts. In this way, his thesis is a fine example of interdisciplinary work in discrete mathematics, optimization, algorithms and marketing.”

After graduation, Rudenko said he was looking for a job in information technology or finance.

“Both sound exciting to me. One of my main preferences is to find a community of people similar to CMU – a smart, open-minded and collaborative community,” he said.

While training and concluding his doctoral studies, Rudenko did this against the backdrop of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Family and the people around him are extremely important, Rudenko said. As the Russian invasion continues, he said he is happy that his sister and parents are safe in the United States.

“But many of my relatives and close friends are still in Kyiv,” he said, adding that he takes every opportunity to explain Russia’s actions to people around him. “I talk to my grandparents every day, and while I know what’s going on there, I don’t think anyone living in the United States can fully imagine what it’s like. [Russian government] massively bombarding residential areas and killing civilians, they want to destroy us and commit genocide. »

Rudenko said he hoped the multifunctional support from the US and the EU would put an end to these atrocities in his native country and allow it to prosper again.

For Rudenko, studying math adds to a life well lived.

“I’ve always been very fascinated by the use of mathematical tools and mathematical thinking to improve people’s lives in general,” Rudenko said. “CMU is one of the best places to connect math to a variety of applied disciplines.”

He said that by learning math, one also learns to apply critical thinking to view many life situations from new perspectives.

“This skill is very exciting because you use it every day, regardless of your profession,” he said.

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