Rosie O’Donnell shows off her annual Christmas present from Tom Cruise

Rosie O’Donnell shows off her annual Christmas present from Tom Cruise

The comedian absolutely loves cake from his good friend ‘Tommy’.

Tom Cruise sends Rosie O’Donnell The same cake for Christmas every year, and she’s so proud to show it off on Instagram!

This year’s gift arrived yesterday, with a note addressed to the comedian, “Best wishes this holiday season.”

“My Tommy sent me a coconut cake!! I love that guy ❤️🌹💋 #Tom Cruise,” she wrote next to a photo of an open box of a coconut-covered bundt cake. It was accompanied by a sparkly, bounding reindeer ornament.

She shared a similar photo around Christmas 2020, with the box still sealed, a similar reindeer ornament wrapped in a big beautiful gold and white bow, and the same exact note.

“Christmas is here when Tommy’s presents show up #holiday season“He wrote that year.

The two have been friends for 25 years, which O’Donnell once talked about on SiriusXM The Jess Cagle Show. “He is the only person who never misses me birthday. Having known him for 25 years, he never missed my birthday or any of my events the life“He said, later adding, “A lot of people tell me it’s just his secretary, but I don’t believe it. I think at the beginning of March he knows, ‘Oh, Rosie’s birthday is coming up’ and he sends me something. every year for 25 years.”

But it turns out he’s not the only one; Cruise sends out the same cake every year to her fellow celebrities with the same notes, including Kirsten Dunst, Jimmy Fallon, Cobie Smulders, Graham Norton, Henry CabillAnd Barbara Walters.

According to yahooCake, from which comes a white chocolate coconut Bundt cake the family– Runs Doan’s Bakery in Woodland Hills, California, which has served as his gift for over a decade.

The publication spoke with one of the bakery’s owners, who shared that they pack up hundreds of cakes for holiday cruises and many more throughout the year. Plain white boxes are as far as they go, though; It is the cruise team that packages it so beautifully and ships it all over the world.

And while most of her fellow celebs are careful to make sure she’s on her good side, we’re wondering how she got it in the first place!

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