Rebel Wilson gives update after first week of motherhood

Rebel Wilson gives update after first week of motherhood

Rebel Wilson Slowly getting the hang of parenting.

The Australian actress and new mom, 42, updated her Instagram followers on how she’s doing with her newborn daughter Royce Lillian after announcing her birth via surrogate last week.

“One week of motherhood done,” Wilson said in the nearly minute-long clip. “It’s been a complete life changer.”

Wilson said she has been learning many new things about motherhood in the past week, including how to change diapers and feed a baby, as well as how Assembling baby items. In an earlier story, Wilson — who wore a simple black top with her hair tied back and a sun hat — shared the swing she held for baby Royce.

“Yeah, I’m not seeing my most glamorous guys,” she joked.

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The Pitch perfect The star also thanked fans for giving her daughter “all the love” and even gave some insight into how Royce was as a newborn.

“He’s a little thing, but he’s doing so amazing and healthy and awesome and just such a cool kid. So, it’s been really cool to get to know him,” she added.

Wilson admitted that she had some help caring for the newborn from her “amazing partner.” Ramona Argruma and late night talk show host James Cordenwho recommended a nanny to her.

The Almond and The Seahorse The actress shared with PEOPLE last week that being able to hold her baby for the first time was “overwhelming and exciting.”

She said, “My love for him is just overflowing. He’s beautiful and perfect. I was like, ‘Wow, this is such a precious miracle.’

Wilson also shared her daughter’s full name, Royce Lillian Elizabeth WilsonAnd the significance behind it.

She mentioned that she not only wanted to choose a name starting with the letter “R”, but also a middle name. a special meaning.

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“Lillian and Elizabeth are both family names carried by women in my family whom I admire. Elizabeth, which is also my middle name, is after the late Queen,” she explained.

Wilson has been Candid in the past About wanting to have children. In 2019, she told People that she would “love to have a family”, but had to go for it herself “because of the biological clock”. In her post announcing Royce’s birth, she wrote that the whole process has been “years in the making.”

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