Rebel Wilson celebrates the first Thanksgiving with daughter Royce Lillian

Rebel Wilson celebrates the first Thanksgiving with daughter Royce Lillian

Rebel Wilson Enjoying her first holiday season as a mom!

Thursday, me Nuts and seahorses Actress and partner Raman Agram posted their first Thanksgiving photo with their newborn daughter Royce Lillian.

The two new parents looked happy and relaxed as they held the newborn, who was dressed all in pink. In a cute twist, the pair added a turkey emoji to cover Royce’s face, which the couple chose to keep private.

Wilson, 42, announced that he Welcomes her first child via surrogate earlier this month.

Agruma, who founded the sustainable fashion brand Lemon Ve Limon, has since “Truly life changing“The experience of raising a baby girl with Wilson as she appeared in Australia last week morning show.

Rebel Wilson/Instagram

“It’s like when you start thinking about someone else instead of yourself, priorities change,” Agruma said. “When you think, ‘Oh, what if I go get a massage’ or something, instead you think, ‘No, I just want to spend time with her and stay home.’

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In an Instagram Story shared two weeks ago, Wilson updated her fans on her early experience with motherhood.

“One week of motherhood done,” Wilson said in the nearly minute-long clip. “It’s been a complete life changer.”

Rebel Wilson/Instagram

Wilson added that she’s also learning new things about motherhood, including how to change diapers and how to feed a newborn, as well as how Assembling baby items.

In an earlier story, Wilson — who wore a simple black top with her hair tied back and a sun hat — shared the swing she held for baby Royce.

“Yeah, I’m not looking for my most glamorous guys,” she joked.

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