Queen Elizabeth rejects Meghan Markle’s request for wedding tiara: report

Queen Elizabeth rejects Meghan Markle’s request for wedding tiara: report

Meghan Markle’s wedding day was one for the ages — but could make the history books for all the wrong reasons.

actress married Her beloved Prince Harry at St George’s Chapel in England in May 2018.

Her bridal look comes complete with one Givenchy gown and bright Queen Mary Tiara Loaned to him by the late Queen Elizabeth.

However, the Duchess of Sussex, 41, reportedly wanted a different headpiece for her big day.

Royal historian Robert Lacey claims in his book, “Siblings battle: William and Harry“Markle wanted to wear an emerald and diamond-encrusted tiara on her wedding day

“Not confirmed by the palace — but not denied — we were told that The Queen felt she had to say ‘no’ to Meghan’s first choiceA beautiful emerald headdress that was said to be ‘from Russia’,” the author wrote.

“This was code for a sensitive source, meaning the treasure was one of those that found its way into Windsor’s hands through ‘unspecified,’ undisclosed disguised channels – and for an undisclosed price – after the Russian Revolution,” Lacy explained.

Meghan Markle's wedding
Markle had hoped to wear a different tiara on her wedding day instead of the Queen Mary art deco bandeau.
POOL/AFP via Getty Images

A Buckingham Palace insider went on to write how “scandal was linked” to Tiara Markle. “For this reason, emerald tiaras are rarely, if ever, displayed publicly,” he added.

“It wouldn’t be fair to the palace or Meghan that spring if the newspapers started speculating about which tsarist princess wore the tiara and how she was killed,” Lacey said.

Harry, 38, was reportedly furious and “flew into a rage” when he found out the former “Suits” star wouldn’t get his wish.

Queen Mary in pantomime
Crowned Queen Mary for an appearance at the London Casino, 1949.
Getty Images
Queen Mary at the Lavender Hill Mob Premiere
Queen Mary arriving at the Odeon Cinema in 1951 for the premiere of Charles Crichton’s comedy, “The Lavender Hill Mob”.
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“Unfortunately, Harry’s ignorance of both history and family tradition meant he had no understanding of this nuance,” the royal expert wrote.

The The tiara that Markle wore for her wedding Created for Queen Mary, who was crowned with her husband King George V in 1911.

Queen Elizabeth inherited the diamond bandeau when she became Queen of the United Kingdom in 1953.

During her marriage, Markle was known I didn’t understand the protocol Surrounding the crown jewels.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were married on May 19, 2018 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.
Almi stock photo
The Queen and Meghan
Markle (left) and Queen Elizabeth attend the opening of the Mersey Gateway Bridge in June 2018.
POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Before the ceremony, she wanted to put on the tiara; However, Elizabeth’s dresser, Angela Kelly, explained to her how adjustments could not be made without prior arrangement.

Queen Elizabeth Died on September 8 At the age of 96 after serving as UK sovereign for 70 years. He had about 50 tiaras in his personal collection.

something gem Dates back more than 800 years. After his death, this was questioned by many They will inherit. For decades, Queen Elizabeth has allowed family members to borrow her jewels for special occasions.

“He probably wants to pass on items from his personal collection to his loved ones,” royal commentator Josh Rohm told The Post last month. “The bulk of the collection will pass Charles — with Camilla as his queen consort – And then Kate [Middleton]So they may not leave anything big [in the will]”

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