Prince Andrew reportedly ‘cried’ when King Charles dropped the news that he was axed as a working royal, alas!

Prince Andrew reportedly ‘cried’ when King Charles dropped the news that he was axed as a working royal, alas!

Prince Andrew King Charles

Prince Andrew King Charles

King Charles She is said to have told younger brother Prince Andrew that she cannot return to his life royal workTheir mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, died just days before in September, reportedly leaving her “blind” and “deprived”.

Exciting meeting between King Charles and Prince Andrew

King Charles, 73, delivered the news about his 62-year-old brother’s future in what has been described as a tense face-to-face meeting. of the then Prince of Wales Birkhall Estate in Scotland, which “blindsided” Prince Andrew and left him in tears. She reportedly broke down in tears a few weeks later when she – along with nephew Prince Harry, 38, who is not considered a working royal since stepping down in 2020, and Meghan Markle, 41, in 2020 – were banned. Wearing his military uniform At the Queen’s funeral.

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According to Sunday Mail, a Buckingham Palace insider said the talks between the two brothers were “emotional and fraught”, as the monarch told his brother he would never return to royal life, with onlookers saying the Duke of York “walked out of the meeting. He is still in shock. He Totally lost and very depressed.” The Palace source added: “Until the face-to-face meeting with his brother, Andrew believed there was a way back – that somehow he could be rehabilitated and play a role at the front of the firm.”

Prince Andrew’s reaction to the news

Understandably, Prince Andrew didn’t take the news well, as the source claims that even though he was abdicated from royal duties three years ago The Virginia Geuffre sexual assault scandal And her controversial friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, she always believed she *could* eventually return to life as a working royal.

Prince Andrew is “absolutely devastated”, the source said. “He always believed there was a way back. Andrew was extremely close to the Queen and tried to raise the issue of her return to public life with her on several occasions. On some occasions he would speak gently conciliatoryly, but most of the time he would immediately change the subject. It may sound like Innocent, he had always hoped to regain his position as an elder royal.”

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Prince Andrew’s future

King Charles reportedly ended the meeting by telling his brother “that he can go and have a good life, a beautiful life, but his public life as a royal is over. He was told ‘you have to accept that.’ “

The source said Prince Andrew was “completely lost and very depressed” and had become a “virtual recluse” at his home in Windsor. “He has no idea what the future holds and no real plans,” the insider said, adding that he’s “in bad shape.” They concluded: “She is struggling to accept that this is the end of the road for her as a royal. That’s all she knows.”

Prince Andrew’s controversial past

Prince Andrew has been embroiled in a sexual assault scandal since 2015, when allegations of having sex with 17-year-old Virginia Guiffre first surfaced in a Florida court. In November 2019, she returned as a working royal “for the foreseeable future” after the now infamous BBC interview in which she claimed she did not force Geoffrey to have sex with her as she was at a Pizza Express in Woking. He infamously said that he “doesn’t remember ever meeting this woman.”

In January 2022, the Queen took her son away from her Military attachment and royal patronage After a backlash from elders, and he was banned from using the title ‘His Royal Highness.’ On 15 February 2022, less than a month before Prince Andrew testified under oath, she and Giuffre reached a settlement in the civil case, when she agreed to “donate the proceeds” to a charity in support of the victims. ‘rights'” and said he recognized that Giuffre “suffered as a victim of abuse.” He also expressed regret. Sometimes associated with Convicted child sex offender Epstein.

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