Pierce Brosnan’s sons admit they ‘recognize’ the benefits of nepotism

Pierce Brosnan’s sons admit they ‘recognize’ the benefits of nepotism

Pierce BrosnanIts boys are making their own way.

Dylan and Paris Brosnanwho are featured People’s Sexiest Man Alive The issue, nepotism, became clear as they admitted that they “very lucky” Golden Globe nominee, 69, as their father while speaking to E! News GQMen’s Party of the Year.

“I think we just need to be thankful for our blessings,” Paris, who is 21, said Hit the runway as an emerging model In recent years, in addition to his work as a The filmmaker is trying to make a difference.

Dylan, 25, who Also a model and a the musicianNote that he and his brother are trying to “pave our own path” in the entertainment industry

“It’s always going to be there and we recognize it. At the end of the day, we’re just grateful to be here,” Paris said: “Dylan’s an amazing musician and I’m painting right now, so we’re just figuring it out. Taking it day by day.”

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Two brothers who were Named Ambassador for Golden Globes In 2020, the famous guys previously spoke to People about their families while appearing on the Sexiest Man Alive portfolio.

Dylan said that “We have the best parents you could ask for” in 007 alum and mother Kyle Shaye Brosnanwhom Pierce married in 2001. She also shares sons Christopher Brosnan, 50, Sean Brosnan, 39, and late daughter Charlotte Brosnan With ex-wife Cassandra Harris.

Paris, who worked as a PA on her father’s new DCEU entry last year Black AdamAdmits he’s not sure if he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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“You can’t half-ass something like that. You have to go all in,” Parris explained. “I think having dad help us, it’s going to be a little scary, but he’s also the best coach we could ask for if he wants to do it!”

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