Picks for Bills vs. Lions, Giants vs. Cowboys, Patriots vs. Vikings

Picks for Bills vs. Lions, Giants vs. Cowboys, Patriots vs. Vikings

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Before we get into mine outfitThere were two Thanksgiving specials that stood out to me Draft Kings That’s what I want to cover.

Josh Allen +240 to record the most Passing yard on Thanksgiving, and Gabe Davis is +1300 to lead the slate Receiving yard.

I project Davis around +900 to top the receiving charts on Turkey Day. He has a wider range of results than most players, so you could argue it should be lower.

Davis doesn’t need the volume of another receiver to win this bet because of his big play ability. There’s a scene where he leads the slate with something like 125 receiving yards on the last play of the night. If so, you can the hedge Place your bets on Justin Jefferson’s receiving yards. If Jefferson goes below his 88.5 totalIt is unlikely that anyone else will cross 125. If he goes between 89 and 124 receiving yards, you win both bets.

Allen’s bet goes hand-in-hand with Davis. I’d say Allen’s fair value is closer to +200.

With that out of the way, here are my favorite props for three Thanksgiving games.

Singletary is coming off a season-high 18 Quick effort against last week Browns. This is only the third time he has cleared it total In 10 games.

Against Cleveland, Singletary benefited from Josh Allen registering season lows in passing (197) and rushing (seven) yards. I think we’ll see him bounce through the air and on the ground with a big game that eats into Singletary’s workload.

Also, we saw second-round rookie James Cook register a season-best game with 11 carries For 86 Rushing Yards. Singles dominate passing-downs and 2-minute work, but the bill Early cooks may continue to be used to keep veterans fresh.

What is QuickSlip?

QuickSlip is an Action Network feature that allows users to automatically pre-load their bet slips into FanDuel Sportsbook.

Another thing working against Singletary in this market is that he doesn’t get many attempts at third or fourth and short. The the bill A silly quarterback sneak is where they line up Gabe Davis behind Allen, moving the QB forward.

There are some sneaky guardrails on this prop. if the lion Able to keep it off, which will force the Bills into a pass-heavy game script.

If the Bills get a big lead, they bubble Singletary and let Cook dominate the job. Buffalo may also want to finally get Naheem Hines some reps on offense. any Quick effort He gets only this prop will help.

I project the singletary for around 12.5 run attempts and will bet it at -140.

I can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving than sweating out a Lawrence Keizer prop over dinner (on the East Coast).

I think this is because the prop offers sneaky value monster Will likely be forced into a pass-heavy game script as a 10-point underdog.

Daniel Jones just beat out his top target, Won’Dale Robinson, for the rest of the season. That makes Darius Slayton the new go-to receiver, though it’s unknown who will emerge as the No. 2 option.

There will be cages monster‘ Lead pass-catching tight end returns to rookie Daniel Bellinger. Cager ran a route on Jones’ 70% dropback last week, and I expect to see similar usage with Robinson out.

The the shepherd Has created the most pressure in the NFL this season. Jones targets his tight end 14% of the time in a clean pocket, but that goes up to 19% when he faces pressure.

Kizer is a former wide receiver converted to tight end. He is 6-foot-5 and 220 pounds. He is not there to block. Also, for what it’s worth, he was second-most Receiving yard between tight ends in the preseason.

I’m projecting Kizer closer to 19.5 receiving yards here and liking his upside.

Cousins ​​has struggled under pressure this season. His yards per attempt under pressure dropped from 7.1 to 5.4. With that, it was no surprise that Cousins ​​really struggled against the shepherd As Dallas leads the league in pressure rate.

Cousins ​​faced another tough test patriotic Defense that ranks second in pressure rate. To make matters worse, stud left tackle Christian Darris has also already been waived.

As a result, I hope Minnesota A more conservative, run-heavy game plan against New England.

The patriotic The offense can also struggle to put up points, which helps reduce the chances of Cousins ​​getting into a game script that sees that vikings Go heavy and pass game from behind.

I project it to be around 238.5 Passing yard.

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