Packers’ Aaron Rodgers expresses frustration with Matt LaFleur after questionable late-game play call

Packers’ Aaron Rodgers expresses frustration with Matt LaFleur after questionable late-game play call

The Packers A much needed win against Gut Out Dallas Cowboys The 31-28 overtime win snapped the club’s five-game losing skid. when Aaron Rodgers Able to help move the offense down the field to set up the game-winning field goal in overtime, the win didn’t come without a brief head-to-head with coach Matt LaFleur at quarterback.

With less than two minutes left in regulation, the Packers defense was able to force a three-and-out by the Cowboys and return their offense to their own 33-yard line with a chance to win the game. After two running plays brought a third-and-1 situation to their 42-yard line, Green Bay called a timeout and LaFleur proceeded to call a pass play, which was incomplete.

After that game, Rodgers was seen expressing his frustration to LaFleur over his decision to pass instead of run the football. If they had kept the ball on the ground, they probably would have had a better chance to move the chains but it wouldn’t have stopped the clock giving Dallas time to possibly get down the field and win for themselves.

“I felt like we were about 30 yards from the end of the game in regulation,” Rodgers said after the game. Packers“And it also felt like it was 2-minutes, so I’m going to call them. And I was in pretty good rhythm. Obviously, not a lot of effort tonight, but I felt like I was in a pretty good rhythm. I felt like I was exactly where I threw the ball tonight, and I wanted a chance to win the game.”

While Rodgers’ displeasure with that play call was evident in that clip, he and LaFleur were immediately seen working on the play call together on the sideline, and it didn’t appear that there was much anger between the two.

“They had three timeouts, and I knew we needed like 30-some-odd yards to potentially get into field-goal range,” LaFleur said. “So we were calling these run-pass cans, and if we see the pass, we’re going to call the pass. We ran it on first down and then we ran it on second down, and then on third down they played it good. We got a shot again. Tried to play, maybe another run-pass, and it didn’t work out – at least in that moment. But it worked out, obviously, for us to come out on top.

“A lot of times when we’re in that situation, we give Aaron the freedom to run the show. And I can usually tell, he does such a great job with it. So, you know, hindsight is 20-20, but it was completely on me. The decision is also fatal. That didn’t prove to be the case as the Cowboys were only able to travel 19 yards on a sure possession before the end of regulation.

In overtime, the Green Bay defense shut down the Dallas offense when Mike McCarthy made a questionable decision of his own to keep his offense on the field with a fourth-and-3 attempt from the Packers’ 35-yard line. Dak Prescott’s The pass fell incomplete, the Packers took over and led the offense 55 yards down the field to set up Rodgers. Mason Crosby’s Game-winning field goal.

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