NFL takes drastic action: Browns-Bills move to Detroit as epic snowstorm hits Buffalo

NFL takes drastic action: Browns-Bills move to Detroit as epic snowstorm hits Buffalo


For the first time in eight years, the NFL decided to move a regular-season game due to inclement weather.

An epic blizzard is on the verge of hitting Western New York, Sunday’s game Browns And the bill will move from Buffalo to Detroit, The NFL made the announcement Thursday. Played at Ford Field, the game will be at 1 pm ET.

The The NFL The location of regular-season games has not changed since November 2014. Eight years ago, a Sunday game Jet And the Bills moved to Detroit on Monday night. However, this year’s game day will not be changed.

The reason the game date wasn’t changed was because there was no way the league would be able to work with Buffalo’s schedule. After their Week 10 game against the Browns, the Bills have to turn around and play a Thanksgiving game. the lion in detroit With the Bills playing just four days later, that meant moving the Browns game back to Monday or Tuesday was out of the question.

With a blizzard hitting Buffalo, moving the game became the only thing that made sense. As things currently stand, The National Weather Service has already issued a snow advisory It will last until Sunday at 1 pm ET for the Buffalo area, which will be the game’s exact kickoff time. Current forecasts call for two to four feet of lake effect snow.

One problem with moving the game to Detroit is that the Bills lose their home-field advantage against the Browns, as Cleveland is only 2.5 hours from Detroit. The Bills, on the other hand, get a slight advantage because they don’t have to travel for the Thanksgiving game.

It is not yet clear how the NFL will handle tickets for these games, but in 2014, tickets for the Jets-Bills game Free at last, so that will be something to keep an eye on. The Bills beat the Jets 38-3 that year, meaning they have a 1-0 record as the home team in Detroit.

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