Netflix Announces New Dragon Age Anime Series, Shadow and Bone Game, and New Series Name Castlevania

Netflix Announces New Dragon Age Anime Series, Shadow and Bone Game, and New Series Name Castlevania

The final day of Netflix’s Geeked Week 2022 centered around its new gaming initiative, a slew of titles offered free to Netflix subscribers. And while the focus of Friday’s presentation was on these efforts, including The Queen’s Bet mobile chess – a handful of TV shows based on various video games were also discussed. As we’ve been doing for the past few days, let’s take a look at the final hours of Geeked Week and some of the new things we can anticipate coming to the platform in the months and year ahead.

dragon age Gets a new anime series and Castlevania: Nocturne get a name

The session opened with the announcement of a new series based on BioWare dragon age universe. Dragon Age: Absolution focuses on a new set of heroes somewhere in the Tevinter Imperium. It will be independent of the game series, so don’t expect Inquisitor, Ferelden’s Hero or Hawk to appear, but Netflix promises “mages, knights, Qunari, red templars, demons and… ‘other special surprises’. Plus, there’s still a chance these new characters will appear in the next BioWare release. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Game. A trailer and poster released during the presentation both feature a mysterious elf character, but no other plot details have emerged. Maighread Scott from Transformers and marvel rising fame will serve as showrunner, while Red Dog Culture House will produce the series. It will debut in December.

Another new program in the works is the sequel to Powerhouse Animation CastlevaniaCastlevania: Nocturne. It continues Belmont’s legacy by focusing on Ricther, a deceased Trevor and Sypha, who plies his trade as a hunter in Revolution-era France. Joining him in his quest is Castlevania favorite game Maria Renard. The program has been in the works for some time, but previously lacked a title. It is currently in production, so a release is still a long way off.

According tekken architect Katsuhiro Harada, who appeared via video message, the fighting game series is one of the longest supported stories in the medium and Tekken: Line will be the first time that a complete narrative experience has been achieved. The ideas of various game entries will come together and the stories evoked will finally be fleshed out. As an example, a brief clip revealed Jin Kazama as a child. The bulk of the series will take place between tekken 2 and tekken 3 with Jin training under his mother’s supervision.

“Even so, he was helpless when a monstrous evil suddenly appeared, destroying everything he held dear, changing his life forever,” Harada explained. “Angry at himself for not being able to stop him, Jin swore revenge and sought absolute power to demand it. His quest will lead to the ultimate battle on the world stage: the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Addressing the character specifically, Harada said “I’m sorry” for putting him in the situations he faces in both games. and the animated series. It will debut later this year.

Also slated to debut later in 2022 is Prime Sonic. A clip from the upcoming series revealed Big the Cat and Froggy will appear. In the series, Sonic must save the multiverse and his friends from Dr. Eggman. Although, as Netflix notes, Sonic tends to take his friends for granted and the adventure will see him stop to realize his mistake. Prime Sonic also debuts later this year.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 and The Cuphead Show for august

(Picture by Netflix)

Closer to the horizon, the third season of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and a second round of The Cuphead Show. First pictures of dragon’s blood, which is set to debut on August 11, offered a preview of what fans can expect. Davion Dragon Knight (Youri Lowenthal) the journey continues, provided he can deal with the dragons and spare the souls of the world.

Via a teaser, the platform also announced a new season of The Cuphead Show will debut on August 19. The brief preview revealed that cartoon madness and old-school comedy are once again returning in spades… well, spades capable of their own catchy crackle. comedians True Valentino, Frank Todaro, Luke Millington – Drakeand David Wasson also assembled for tabletop reading of a second season episode. Cuphead and Mugman come into possession of the Devil’s Pitchfork, but find its power a bit too tempting. They also discover something key about their usual situation. The video focused primarily on the performers, but certain moments from the finished episode – which ends on a cliffhanger – also emerged.

Games based on shows

(Picture by Netflix)

A handful of games based on shows have also been announced. Shadow and Bone: Destinies allows players to chart their own journey through the Grishaverse in a narrative-driven RPG adventure. A mobile heist game based on money theft, meanwhile, sees the crew help one of the Professor’s old friends by robbing a billionaire in Monaco. Also, games based on Too hot to handle – a dating simulation, quite naturally – and Nailed it! are also under construction.

Also, The Queen’s Gambit Chess the video game is “not just a chessboard”. In a trailer for the title, Netflix revealed that it will also have a narrative component, puzzles to solve, and online matches. Players can also challenge Beth directly.

Other preview or announced games included poinpyscrolling platformer lucky moon, Desta: the memories between, Kingdom: Three Kingdoms, nil earthand Wild Things: Animal Adventures. Additionally, Netflix has announced indie titles Raji and Spiritfarer are coming to their gaming platform in the not too distant future.

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