“NCIS Hawaii” recap: Season 1 finale — Kate tries a grand gesture

“NCIS Hawaii” recap: Season 1 finale — Kate tries a grand gesture

NCIS: Hawaii closed season 1 on Monday night with part 2 of its freshman finale, in which Captain Milius once again worked with Special Agent Tennant’s team to find out who sabotaged a prisoner swap between the United States and Eastern Europe.

At the end of Part 1, the American journalist who was being sent back to the United States began violently grabbing and foaming at the mouth – and when Part 2 opened, he died shortly after, on board from the Coast Guard jet that Jane had secured. It was then discovered that the same grim fate had befallen the Russian spy who was handed over in the exchange. But who could have poisoned the certified healthy men, and when/how?

When the ME suggested the poison had been administered in two parts, the second being via the oxygen tank on board planes, it led them to the doctor from the tarmac. After being caught in Manila and grilled by Jane and a visibly colored SEAL, it was learned that the doc had been recruited by “Silver Moon”, the same Dark Web entity that orchestrated Corporal Cartwright’s murder in Part 1.

Meanwhile, Boom Boom’s examination of the IED used on the SUV in Part 1 allowed Ernie and the team to track the delivery and transportation of some highly unstable TATPs (triacetone triperoxide). This led them to a lab, where during the search for the explosive-laden building, Jesse stepped on a pressure-sensitive detonator. Fortunately, only a little drama ensued, as Boom Boom calmly redirected the power source (lest they all turn into “pink mist”).

However, much of the TATP was not accounted for and none of the likely public goals made sense. Jane then assumed the target was the secret meeting about to be called between Joe and his powerful peers in “The Group”, in order to really derail any attempt at peacekeeping. Jane was unable to reach Joe by cell, but her team stormed the meeting place in time to evacuate everyone just before Babin (sp?), the mastermind, could set off the explosion. Except that the remote-controlled detonator Babin was holding, Boom Boom noticed, was a dummy – meaning someone else nearby was actually the suicide bomber.

Based on information Whistler was able to coerce out of an (too) pretty (for Lucy’s taste) Russian FSB agent, Jane was able to confront the real perpetrator – Colin McIntyre, one of Joe’s counterparts in The Group, which was quickly shut down.

Then, back at Jane’s office, Joe asked how they could make what they both had a “regular thing,” but as Jane noted, his whole life is in Hawaii, while his is back in DC That said, the prospect is a “very beautiful thought”, and they agreed to “live in these beautiful thoughts” while he was still in town. But first, Jane was having a pot luck party that night, to which the extended team (Boom Boom, Kai’s dad, etc.) were invited.

At the party, Lucy looked anxiously at the door, hoping to see Kate, but to no avail. But just as she was starting to sink into the funk (while denying her desires for Ernie), Lucy heard singing in the distance – as an arriving Kate took Ernie’s advice. enough literally and delivered a “grand gesture” in the form of a serenade. (Adele’s Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love,” to be exact.) And sure enough, after a moment of confusion, and hearing Kate clearly profess her love, Lucy pulled her ex into a long kiss, as the revelers on the deck howled and howled.

What did you think of NCIS: Hawaii‘s finale, and season 1 as a whole?

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