Mike Martz did a complete 180 on Justin Field

Mike Martz did a complete 180 on Justin Field

A few months ago, the former Dr Chicago Bears Offensive coordinator Mike Martz ruffled a lot of feathers with his lukewarm assessment of Justin Fields. He still wasn’t sure the 23-year-old could be more than a kid who ran fast but couldn’t read defenses or play quarterback properly. In the first month of the season, his predictions appear correct. Fields struggled to throw the ball with any consistency and survived the run with the ball.

Things have changed since then. Fields has become a legitimate weapon over the past five games, totaling 1100 yards, 11 touchdowns (8 through the air), and just two interceptions. His four-touchdown performance last Sunday against the Miami Dolphins was the best of his career. Martz himself reviewed it to see if the hype was worth it. Posted a video 33rd team The demonstration described with him shows how significant it was. Coaches just don’t sound curious. He sounds exasperated.

Mike Martz knows football. Such statements are like this topic.

He was the quarterbacks coach before becoming the coordinator and head coach. His efforts had a huge impact on Kurt Warner’s Hall of Fame career. It would also be remiss to deny that he got more out of Jay Cutler than any other coordinator the Bears hired between 2009 and 2016. So when he has so much praise for Fields, it shouldn’t be written off as typical mainstream media bluster. Those who know the man will say he never takes compliments easily.

This should encourage beer fans. If Fields can win over a guy like Mike Martz, he must be on the right track. He will have a chance to build on his success against the hapless Detroit Lions on Sunday. Their defense is the worst in the NFL this year. If Fields gets solid protection, he’s in line for another productive afternoon. This will be a great way to continue building his confidence. A big subplot is how his connection develops with new wide receiver Chase Claypool.

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