Michelle Obama says Americans ‘were not ready’ for her natural hair when husband was in office

Michelle Obama says Americans ‘were not ready’ for her natural hair when husband was in office

Michelle Obama Tuesday said she changed her natural hairstyle while first lady so as not to scare the American people.

Obama straightened his hair instead of braiding it because Americans were “just adjusting” to being the first black president, he said at an event on his book tour in Washington, DC. The Washington Post the first Report.

“No, they’re not ready for it,” he said he concluded at the time. Obama indicated that styling his hair in a more traditional fashion would distract from the former president’s policy priorities.

“Let me straighten my hair,” Obama said he told himself. “Let’s pass healthcare.” She said African-American women often face judgment about their hair decisions. They are advised to chemically straighten their hair in professional settings to blend it instead of wearing it naturally, she advises.

“We deal with that — about the whole thing, ‘Do you show up with your natural hair?'” Obama said.

The mother of two claims there is a double standard on how black people dress and manage their appearance. In 2014, Republicans and media outlets criticized her husband for wearing a beige suit. Republican Representative Peter T. King said the dress lacked “seriousness” and Lifestyle magazine deemed it a fashion faux pas. Michelle said she’s glad she avoided such brutal scrutiny by keeping her hair as it is.

“Remember when she wore braids? These terrorist braids! These are revolutionary braids! Obama joked that his critics might have.

In terms of personal maintenance and scheduling during her husband’s administration, Obama had a staff of about 25, an unprecedented number for a first lady. Her successor, Melania Trump, was estimated to have about ten, the smallest staff of any first lady, Democratic or Republican, in decades.

The former first lady has been floated by Democratic strategists and pundits as a possible presidential nominee because of her widespread name recognition and general popularity, though she has said she is not interested in the job.

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