Max Casella revealed that he hit puberty in his late 20s

Max Casella revealed that he hit puberty in his late 20s

Max Casella is opening up about not feeling puberty in his late 20s.

The actor is 55 years old Page Six that he has Pituitary dwarfism And He was 27 at the time of puberty.

“I was given testosterone,” he told the outlet at Wednesday’s premiere of the Paramount+ series. Tulsa King, in which Casella stars. “I was on growth hormone; I’m still on that stuff. My body didn’t go through the changes on its own.”

Casella explained: “I had a malfunctioning pituitary gland from birth and basically had to start my puberty pumping me full of testosterone and growth hormone to let me grow because it wasn’t happening. I was 25, and I still hadn’t shaved. .”

Being open about the condition, Casella described it as “a horror show”, adding, “I couldn’t talk about it. Nobody understood it. It’s like the trans community talks about body dysmorphia today and it’s like, ‘ I’m in the wrong body,’ was absolutely my experience. Absolutely. I was a man who was stuck in a little boy’s body for most of my 20s until they finally pumped me full of testosterone.”

In an exclusive interview published Friday, Casella told PEOPLE how He looks younger than he is Impact on his acting career.

By his late 20s, the actor found himself struggling to book the kind of roles he aspired to. “Show business can just step across your heart,” he says matter-of-factly.

“You go to L.A., move on [a] TV show, become famous and then you are known for this show for some time. I was in my 20s, I was playing kids. And then I grew out of it and grew into manhood, and I had to start all over again, because it wasn’t a smooth transition like it is for some lucky people.”

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Casella, who first found motion in films like 1992 newspaper with Christian Bale and of 1996 Sergeant Bilko with Steve Martin, then it seemed like it was movie stardom or bust. But in the process, “I got away from everything I studied about acting,” he admits.

Now acting opposite him Sylvester Stallone New rush drama Tulsa King (premiering Sunday on Paramount+), as a recovering gangster hiding out in Oklahoma. Casella called the project “the greatest experience of my career”—in part because of the richly developed character he played.

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inside Tulsa King, Casella portrays “a guy who’s been going his whole life pretending to be something he’s not,” who is forced to confront his past when Stallone’s mobster suddenly moves into town.

Working with Stallone was “a dream come true,” Casella said. “I had posters of him on my wall when I was 10. He was everything you’d want him to be.”

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