Matthew Mott confirmed as England’s new white-ball cricket coach | ECB

Matthew Mott confirmed as England’s new white-ball cricket coach | ECB

Matthew Mott has won the race to be named manager of the England men’s white ball team, ending seven years at the helm of the Australian women’s team by signing a four-year contract to manage the ODI world champions in title, his immediate goal being a return to his native country for the Twenty20 World Cup this autumn.

Under his watch, Australia’s women have won back-to-back T20 World Cups and a 50-win World Cup, gone unbeaten in four Ashes Series and triumphed in 26 successive One-Day Internationals, a record unmatched among men or women. in women. He had previously coached New South Wales and Glamorgan, and briefly worked with new England red ball manager Brendon McCullum at Indian Premier League side Kolkata Knight Riders.

In accepting the role, Mott highlighted the “deep ties” he has with the UK, where he had “spent a considerable amount of time both as a player and a manager” and where some of his closest friends live. relatives.

“It always took something special to leave the role I’ve loved for the past seven years with the Australia women’s team,” said the 48-year-old. “However, I sincerely believe the time has come to play a part in helping England’s ODI and T20 men’s group continue to evolve as one of the best teams in the world.”

After his appointment last week, McCullum said he was not interested in the white ball role because the side, currently ranked second in the 20 and 50 formats, have been too successful since Eoin’s appointment. Morgan as captain in 2015. I was not interested in the white ball because the team is stealing, they are one of the best teams in the world,” he said. “I wasn’t really interested in a cushy kind of concert.” But Morgan will be almost 40 when Mott’s contract ends and Rob Key, the England men’s cricket general manager, said the Australian would be “able to oversee any transitions the team go through in the future”.

“I’m fully aware that this team has worked well,” Mott said, “and part of my initial plan is to work with the squad and support staff on how we can first sustain and then improve, the success they have started to build in recent years.”

The appointment, with Mott unanimously favored by a select panel of Key, outgoing ECB CEO Tom Harrison, strategic adviser Andrew Strauss and chief performance officer Mo Bobat, means England’s red ball and white must be led by foreign coaches. Key said part of Mott’s mission will be “to help us invest in England coaches, giving them as much experience as possible over the next few years”.

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“Matt has had an incredible coaching journey with so many varied experiences that have brought him to this point where he has been exceptional in the interview process and the perfect candidate for our white ball teams,” said Key. “We are fortunate to be able to appoint a head coach who has not only been involved in international cricket for the past few years, but has also worked in franchise cricket across the world. More importantly, what he has done with the Australia women’s team is what he will be asked to do for our men’s white ball teams.

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