Madonna continues to embarrass herself: Now she’s drinking water from a dog bowl in a shocking video

Madonna continues to embarrass herself: Now she’s drinking water from a dog bowl in a shocking video

NOne knows what goes through madonnaHis mind in recent weeks, but every time he posts something on social media Embarrasses and shames oneself. His most recent post has worried his fans, for his behavior Getting weirder and weirder.

In an Instagram relay, Madonna posted a video showing her Lick water from a dog bowl and pose in a sexual manner with different objects. On Wednesday, she uploaded a video showing her neon green sweater paired with bright shorts.ights and thigh-high boots.

In some photos, The 64-year-old singer posed next to a motorcycle and a pantry. However, things changed when she started posing sexy with bottles of sriracha and mustard.

Surprised everyone by drinking dog water

But what caused the confusion was that at one point, Madonna licks water from a dog. The response was not long in coming:

“It’s getting more and more embarrassing.Being your fan is not easy. You were an icon sadly out of style now” read one comment.

“None of this is thought provoking or “different”. You’ve lost touch. You were ahead of the game. You made it. Your body has changed so. All this is a cry Desperate to stay young or relevant. The last thing we expected from Madonna…,” wrote another.

“You’re doing it again! What is it, it’s so sad You see the destruction of Madonna’s iconic style! I’m sorry, I’ve been your fan since childhood… and I can’t accept this trashy style….. no class…no charm you didn’t make for yourself!” commented another user.

He created controversy with his recent video

Such a strange behavior of the former pop queen Been going on for weeks nowWhich includes the interpreter of ‘like a virgin’ Posted disturbing scenes.

Perhaps the strangest was when, a few weeks ago, he posted a video on Instagram stories in which He claimed not to have been circumcised. So far, he has not explained What was he referring to?

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