Lionel Dahmer opens up about son, Jeffrey Dahmer’s murderous tendencies in Dr. Phil interview

Lionel Dahmer opens up about son, Jeffrey Dahmer’s murderous tendencies in Dr. Phil interview

American serial killer Jeffrey DahmerIts father, Lionel, opens up about his son’s murders and misses opportunities when he could have stopped them.

In clips obtained by TMZ, Dahmer gives an interview on Dr. Phil, which will air in the last week of November. During the conversation, Lionel revealed two opportunities that could have told the grim truth of his son’s life but were ultimately missed for various reasons.

When Dr. Phil asked him how he took the news of Jeffrey being a murderer, Lionel said:

“I think that sometime between the ages of 12 and 14 when he was coming out of his puberty, his sex engines were in high gear and he was touching the insides of these animals. He was neurologically hard-wired. , these kinds of trails inside the body. to associate sexual pleasure with activity.”

Jeffrey Dahmer, Joyce Dahmer and Lionel Dahmer

He says that, in retrospect, an indicator of the killer Her child had a hidden existence but was ignored.

Lionel Dahmer regrets not being persistent enough for Jeffrey to open the mysterious wooden box


on Netflix’s true crime series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, The serial killer’s grandmother shows him a wooden box containing Lionel’s photo and credits. The box was finally taken by Jeffrey.

During the interview, Lionel recalled an incident involving a wooden box that Jeffrey used to store in his room while in Milwaukee when he had already begun his murderous spree. He told Dr. Phil:

“When I went to Milwaukee I saw this box in the closet in his room. I said I was going to open it and I started going to the basement to get a tool to open the box, and he kept complaining that he couldn’t have a square foot of his own property to do what he wanted. “

Dr. Park Dietz, Jeffrey Dahmer’s psychiatrist, said Dahmer had a rare paraphilia known as splanchnophilia. This is when a person finds viscera and internal organs sexually arousing, especially in the structure and appearance of said organs.

At the time, Lionel was adamant about opening the box because he thought it contained pornographic material. According to the report, Jeffrey convinced his father to leave the situation alone for the night because he did not want to disturb his grandmother who was at home:

“And actually he convinced me to just wait. ‘Wait until tomorrow, Dad,’ he said, and I’ll open it for you, but don’t do anything now.”

According to TMZ, Lionel The doctor told Phil that the whole time there was a severed human head in the wooden box. Jeffrey replaces that nighttime with a pornographic magazine to show Lionel what’s inside it.

Lionel regretted that Geoffrey had not been persistent enough to open the wooden box that night so that he would have found the head and been able to stop his son’s heinous activities.

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