Liam Payne angers One Direciton fans after Logan Paul interview

Liam Payne angers One Direciton fans after Logan Paul interview

Liam Paynebless his heart, appeared on Logan Paulof the podcast and earned a solid salvo of anger from A direction fans with some rather savage comments about his former bandmates and his solo career.

From a tabloid perspective, the spiciest part of Payne’s impulsive interview was apparently his comments on the inter-One Direction drama. He shared a story about an argument he had with an unnamed bandmate, which Payne said “threw me against a wall” (Payne later claimed he told that person, “If you don’t take those hands away, chances are you’ll never use them again.”)

In addition to that, Payne spoke a bit about Zayn Malik and his past controversies, including a feud with Paul’s brother, Jake Paul, and allegations last year that Malik pushed Gigi Hadid’s mother. during an altercation (Malik eventually pleaded without contest charges against him). While Payne said there were “many reasons why I don’t like Zayne,” he noted that there were also “many reasons why I will always, always be by his side. had to go through what he’s been through, growing up and whatever… My parents are overly supportive to the point where it’s boring sometimes Zayn had a different upbringing in that sense.

To be fair to Payne in this regard, it’s incredibly reasonable for a person to have complex, even conflicting feelings about someone they’ve spent a lot of time with in the incomparable crucible that is in the most popular boy band on the planet. Arguably less defensible was the overall level of cringe Payne exuded throughout the interview, which fans leaned into and thoroughly roasted him on social media. Hell, not just One Direction alumni X factor friend Dear Lloyd takes a hitbut Payne’s ex-fiancée Maya Henry also seemed to sneak out (the couple end of May split after an alleged cheating scandal).


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Elsewhere, a fan pointed out the mortifying way Payne prefaced his story about the backstage argument with a small attempt at chest swelling (“I think it was well known in the band that I don’t like to take shit,” he said in a rather formal tone). Another went beyond 1D comments to Payne’s audacity claims about stepping into the boxing ring with brothers Paul and KSI, another internet celebrity and occasional fighter.

But the remarks that really seemed to deserve the biggest pushback were Payne’s rather outlandish claims about his post-1D solo career. While discussing his solo debut, 2017’s “Strip That Down,” with Quavo, Payne bragged about the song’s streaming success and quipped, “I think it topped everyone in the music industry. group, and I was the last to go [solo]. And I didn’t expect that.”

Sure, “Strip That Down” made numbers with over 886 million streams on Spotify and 365 million on YouTube, but it failed to beat the success of early solo songs released by Malik or Harry Styles. The former’s “Pillowtalk” went to number one in the US and UK and was certified five times platinum by the RIAA; The latter’s “Sign Of the Times” went to number one in the UK, number four in the US and was certified four times platinum by the RIAA. “Strip That Down” reached number three in the UK, a respectable number 10 in the US and was certified three times platinum by the RIAA.

Those numbers, of course, are just the tip of the iceberg, and it’s probably not in Payne’s best interest to discuss things like album sales versus Malik, Styles, or Niall Horan. Though to be fair to the boy, even he seemed to acknowledge it, admitting after his billion-stream bragging, “How do you go from here? I still don’t know who I am, I reproduce different people on a daily basis.

For Payne’s sake, we hope he finds out who he wants to be soon — and that he’s not the same man who woke up and chose violence on Logan Paul’s podcast.


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