Kyle’s comments are starting to spread

Kyle’s comments are starting to spread

This afternoon in the Big Brother 24 home was, by far, one of the busiest of the season. There’s a lot of fallout and after being so aware of most of the plans for the past few weeks, Kyle finds himself in the dark.

Will it stay that way? Probably not, but there is a lot to learn in this article.

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If you missed our article earlier, Michael and Brittany decided today that they were going to tell most of the house that Kyle wanted to start an anti-Cookout alliance of white players, thinking we might have a repeat from last season even though there is no evidence of this happening. They started by telling Monte and Taylor (out of stream for some reason about it), and we hope they were remorseful for not saying anything about it during shared house week. Their argument about this is that they didn’t want to bring it into the game if Kyle got kicked out, and they were hoping he would have been so it didn’t have to come back.

From there they told Alyssa, and we have to note here that Alyssa did not tells Kyle what happened afterwards. Instead, she wants to be alone and maybe talk to whoever we think is the therapist who comes to visit in the diary room. Kyle hasn’t fully understood that she wants to be alone, and quietly panics and makes sure he’s planted in rooms with other people.

This afternoon, Monte (who is quietly fuming about the whole thing; his body language is clear) told Terrance some of what he was told, and the two talked about how clear it was that there was no Cookout alliance at all this season. . Kyle showed up before they could talk too much about it and as of this writing, Brittany and Michael are talking to Turner about it. We’ll see what happens over time here, but we’re not sure HoH Turner will do the same with the news. Considering he immediately threw Taylor under the bus after hearing Kyle’s past comments, we think he still wants to get her out of the game. He said he could put Kyle up, but we’ll believe him. when we see it.

We also have more confirmation that Michael is going to use his veto on Brittany, not that it’s a surprise. He explicitly told Alyssa that he wanted Kyle out this week and it all came down to Turner.


A lot has happened since we wrote this; be sure to visit the link here to read the latest.

Do you think the plan for this week in Big Brother 24 will change at all?

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