Kelly Ripa says Michael’s post-college job ‘evaporated’ due to pandemic

Kelly Ripa says Michael’s post-college job ‘evaporated’ due to pandemic

Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuels will always be their children’s biggest supporters.

In Friday’s episode Living with Kelly and RyanThe mother of three, 52, opened up about the difficulties of “adulting” when her children join the workforce, sharing that her eldest son Michael25, had a tough time with his post-college job.

“It’s hard to be an adult these days. It’s very hard for kids. Job opportunities aren’t what they used to be. The economy is driving this trend.” said Ripa. “I know that Michael graduated college in May 2020 and had a writing job that evaporated because the pandemic stopped production and it never came back.”

“So, you know, we gave her an extra year’s grace period to find another job opportunity because it’s tough,” she said of her and her husband. Mark Consuels.

Along with Michael, Ripa and Consueles are also parents to a boy Joaquin19, and daughters lola21.

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Ripa explained why she thinks “now is a unique time to have a kid in college.”

“I told them, these are the years you won’t get back and this is a time where we don’t mind supporting you financially as long as you work—as long as you keep a job for your add-ons, I call them, ” he shared.

“The bells and whistles; the things they want — as long as you work for it, we’ll cover the basic costs, but once you graduate, it’s over,” he continued. “Because we got married at 25, you know what I mean? And we felt like because we didn’t have a safety net, we cooked something up.”

Sami Drasin

Michael had a big achievement earlier this month – making it People’s 2022 Sexiest Man Alive Issue!

A 25-year-old appeared Famous Boys PortfolioIn which she joked that her father, 51, always wanted her and her brother Joaquin to “look like him.”

“I got new glasses and then my dad texted me, ‘Where did you get those glasses?’ Michael remembered. “And I’m like, ‘Oh no, can you at least get a different color?’ My dad, my brother and I would wear the same black pants and gray shirts and I like, I try to look a little different than that. I like to be a little different.”

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