Katy Perry rushes out of her Las Vegas residency for a girl’s lunch

Katy Perry rushes out of her Las Vegas residency for a girl’s lunch

Katy Perry Have the life of a working mom down to a science.

talking to extra On the red carpet for 2022 CMA Awards On Wednesday, he raved about the girl Daisy Dove2, shares the little girl she is after the “Forever Present” singer celebrated her 38th birthday in late October.

“I have a residency in Las Vegas and I can literally drop him off at preschool and then go play a show in Las Vegas,” she said of her days as a working mom.

“I come back late, like 11:30 or something, I still make her lunch,” the “Fireworks” singer said. “I take a lot of pride in cutting off the edges of a sandwich with a full face of sweaty makeup on my dress. It’s such a science.”

Referring to her little one as her “light,” Perry praised the experience of raising Daisy, whom she shares with Daisy’s fiance. Orlando Bloom45.

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“She’s the reason for everything. I got so much from her and, like, my values,” Perry, who performed “Where We Started,” duets with her. Thomas Ratehas been added.

Thomas Rate and Katy Perry.
John Shearer/Getty

On her birthday, Perry shared a A glimpse of his little familySharing a snap in which Bloom and Perry each put a hand in the frame while daughter Daisy placed her hand on top of theirs.

“Every time I blow out a candle, I always wish for you. 38 and grateful ♥️🎂,” Perry captioned her post, to which Bloom commented, “My ❤️’s.”

Speaking to PEOPLE recently, Perry shared how she’s hopeful about expanding her family with Bloom.

“I’m a planner,” the singer said at HEIMAT, celebrating the launch of her non-alcoholic sparkling beverage. of Soi. “Then we’ll see.”

Katy Perry.
Jason Kempin/Getty

Perry also touched on their parenting dynamic during the chat, which took place after the couple returned from a month-long stay in New Castle, Kentucky, where Bloom was filming her latest thriller, Red right hand.

“We do this funny thing where I go and visit him for a month while he’s making a movie and then when he’s not making a movie, he kind of takes over as a guardian,” Perry explained. “Then I go and do all my business stuff, so we’re really tapping each other in and out.”

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