Julia Fox talks about Kanye West’s penis on TV

Julia Fox talks about Kanye West’s penis on TV

Julia Fox The light continues to shine on something Kanye West’s Life from their time as a couple and this time she talked about her penis, giving a detailed description of her ex-boyfriend’s tool when asked. “stay” This past Sunday.

Told the actress be them Know when to stop, when the presenter stretches his hand wider and wider in an attempt to gauge its size of the west gender

when of Geo Hands were almost as wide as his shoulders, the fox According to the comedian’s reference asked to make it a little smaller but still a huge piece.

then be them “Oh, my God, hate comes in all shapes,” exclaims, visibly shocked at the revelation.

Julia Fox says she received a lot of clothes from Kanye West as gifts

Julia Fox He described his relationship with Kanye As one where she received lots of clothes as gifts and called it a ‘useful’ perk to their brief relationship, revelations that surprised her interviewer.

“Wow, I didn’t expect you to answer that,” Jiwei exclaimed.

Julia Fox said she dated Kanye West to help Kim Kardashian

Julia Fox Was Happy While Dating Kanye West, But Knows He Claimed In A Deleted TikTok Video That He Probably Did It To Get Her Off Kim Kardashian’s case

This is after she was accused of dating a famous misogynist and anti-Semitic, but he assured her that he wanted to confuse her and make her like him.

“And I knew that if anyone could do it, it was me, because when I set my mind to something, I do it.”

She ended her relationship with West after continuing to rift with him the kardashians and her then boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

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