Johnny Irwin says he never told his kids he had terminal cancer

Johnny Irwin says he never told his kids he had terminal cancer

TV host Johnny Irwin Keeping her terminal cancer diagnosis a secret from her three children, she is focusing her remaining time on making meaningful memories with her family.

Hosted by the BBC Flee to the country48, recently published Hello! Magazine that he was He was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to his brain. Irwin was first diagnosed in August 2020 after experiencing blurred vision while driving and was soon diagnosed with cancer.

Irwin informed his wife Jessica, 40, as well as other close family and friends of his diagnosis but told the outlet that he did not share the news with the couple’s three children: son Rex, 3, and 2-year-old twin sons Rafa and Cormac.

“He doesn’t need to know yet,” Irwin said of telling his oldest son. “We make fun of my hair – he calls it my ‘spiky head’ – but as far as he’s concerned, his dad is normal and why should I shatter that innocence?”

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While the father of three tried to continue working without sharing his diagnosis, he said he “felt like I was carrying a dirty secret, it became a monkey on my back.”

“I hope that by shaking off this monkey I can inspire people who live with limited possibilities in life to make the most of each day, to help them see that you’re dying but you can live a positive life,” continued Irwin. .

Irwin told the outlet that despite not knowing how long he’s been gone, he’s trying to focus on making memories with his family.

“One day, it’s going to catch up with me, but I’m doing everything I can to put that day off as much as possible. I owe it to Jess and our boys,” Irwin said. “Some people in my position have bucket lists, but I want us to do as much as we can as a family.”

“My attitude is I’m living with cancer, not dying from it,” he explained. “I set little markers – things I want to live for. I got into the habit of saying: ‘Don’t plan ahead because I might not be good enough.’ ”

Irwin added, “But now I want to plan. I want to make memories and capture these moments with my family because the reality is, my boys are going to grow up not knowing their dad and that breaks my heart.”

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