Jamie Lynn Spears ‘wants to prove I’m worth something’ in Special Forces

Jamie Lynn Spears ‘wants to prove I’m worth something’ in Special Forces

Jamie-Lynn Spears Getting personal on a new upcoming reality show.

Fox’s exclusive preview Special Forces: The Final TestJoining other celebrities including Spears masala girlsMelanie “Mel B” Brown, Real Housewives of Atlantaof Kenya Moore and former NFL star Danny Amendola to open up about why they chose to take part in the military boot camp-style reality show.

“These celebrities will step into our world, a world of grief and pain,” a directing staff agent said while introducing the show.

For her part, the 31-year-old Spears gets physically taxed at one point by spitting out liquid during a workout. She explains her motivation for challenging herself so intensely: “My sister is growing up [Britney Spears] became famous worldwide. I guess I just want to [proving that] I’m worth something.”


Elsewhere, during a “terrifying challenge from the playbook of a real special forces selection process,” Mel B, 47, threw herself out of a helicopter, the former MLB star Mike Piazza Drowns himself in water and NBA alum Dwight Howard Walking on a tightrope in the middle of the mountain.

Mel B explained that “for 10 years I was in a really abusive relationship, it was about taking back my own power.”

Howard, 36, added: “I want to test the limits of who I am.”

A visibly emotional Amendola, 37, said: “Maybe the idea of ​​the course was about what I could get out of it and how I could give it back.”

An agent reminds the celebs, though, “This isn’t an adventure race, no one’s coming to save you. We’ll suffer together – that’s the only way.”


Moore, 51, can be seen standing on the edge of a cliff, putting her trust in the hands of a costar and saying, “I have a child, don’t let me down,” an agent asks, adding, “You all have what it takes physically, mentally. Do you have what it takes?”

Another agent warns, “If you die, that’s the normal way to say you’ve failed.”

According to Fox, the stars will not be voted off or face elimination each week. Instead, survival is the goal: “No reward, no pride, no holding back.”


Other celebrities are joining in special forces Included in the first season of the show John and Kate plus 8 the star Kate Gosselin, bacheloretteof Hannah Brownstar chef Tyler Florence“This Is How We Do It” singer Montel Jordan, 7th heaven the star Beverly Mitchell, Celebrity Rehabof Dr. Drew PinskyFormer Trump White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and Olympic gold medalist Gus Kenworthy, Nastia Liukin And Carli Lloyd.

Special Forces: The Final Test Through the most pure and authentic test of tolerance of the celebrities you know and love I’ve ever seen. In many ways, it’s more about mental strength than physical strength,” said Rob Wade, president, Alternative Entertainment and Specials.

Wade added, “It was an eye-opening glimpse into some of the most intense training in the world, and a taste of the grit and bravery that our armed forces display on a daily basis, which was a life-changing experience for these celebrities.”

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Special Forces: The Final Test It is scheduled to premiere on January 4, 2023 on Fox

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