“I’m glad to see that in Grand Theft Auto, Kyrie is at least operational”

“I’m glad to see that in Grand Theft Auto, Kyrie is at least operational”

Kyrie Irving has spent some of his free time playing video games and streaming on Twitch. Stephen A. Smith, who has criticized Kyrie all season, is happy to see the former NBA champion running around Grand Theft Auto.

The Brooklyn Nets were swept away in their 2022 NBA Playoffs first-round tie against the Boston Celtics, giving the All-Star guard some time to himself before the start of the new season.

Stephen A., who criticized Kyrie for his actions for most of the 2021-22 season, called out the Nets star again. The TV personality was upset by Kyrie’s comments on Twitch.

In the latest episode of Stephen A.’s World, the ESPN analyst praised Nets general manager Sean Marks for his recent comments, also imploring Kyrie to show up regularly for work next season.

“It’s Kyrie Irving, mocking people who call them cockroaches. Kyrie Irving, this week, as the playoffs are in full swing. A playoff his team should still play in, based on the talent on their roster Kyrie is here to complain on Twitch about Celtics fans Fans of the team that swept Brooklyn out of the playoffs.

I’m glad to see that in Grand Theft Auto, Kyrie is, at least, operational. I thought he might play video games like he plays basketball, sitting idle half the time. , leaving his team to be eliminated.”

“Soon Kyrie will have to put the controller down and decide if he’s going to sign up to play for the Nets next season. A Nets team that clearly expects him to play basketball, to earn his money.”

Kyrie hasn’t been the most reliable player as his requests for personal time have been frowned upon by many.

Kyrie Irving only played 29 regular season games for the Brooklyn Nets last season

Fans had high hopes for the Nets’ 2021-22 campaign as they were considered championship favorites. Their big three of Kevin Durant, Kyrie and James Harden ran out of glory in the 2021 playoffs, and many thought they would turn things around the following season.

However, the first bad news to hit was that Kyrie would not be eligible to play if he remained unvaccinated. While the rule only affected him in New York, the franchise was initially unwilling to have him part-time.

With KD injured and Harden expressing his desire to leave the franchise, the front office opted to recall Kyrie as a part-time player. Uncle Drew played just 29 regular season games and was swept in the first round of the playoffs.

Kyrie said he never felt like himself throughout the season, which is understandable given how long he’s been on the sidelines.

Are the Nets committed to Kyrie Irving for the long term? Everyone here.

The Nets will have to make a decision about keeping Kyrie on the team as he is due for a contract extension. But their main concern will be its availability.

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