“He’s not a guy who plays checkers a lot, he’s definitely a chess player”

“He’s not a guy who plays checkers a lot, he’s definitely a chess player”

james lebron already sees its future in the NBA and it won’t be with the LA Lakers.

The four-time MVP, in an episode of The Shop, admitted to wanting to own a team that will be based in Sin City. With Forbes releasing a report that “King James” is now officially a billionaire, it could soon become a reality.

In ESPN’s This Just In, Patrick Beverly commented on LeBron James’ surprising announcement:

“I just think he’s been a smart businessman as we’ve seen throughout his career. Obviously starting with Nike, the Nike campaign, I Promise School, I just think it’s a brilliant decision.

Beverly added:

“Obviously he’s not a guy who plays checkers a lot, he’s definitely a chess player based on the moves he’s made for himself and his personal identity. And he’ll also be a big owner.

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The Minnesota Timberwolves point guard was referring to James’ call to bet on himself and sign up with Nike instead of Reebok. It’s a deal that has proven to be one of the biggest and shrewdest moves of any businessman, let alone an athlete.

After endorsing Nike since entering the NBA, The Swoosh gave him a lifetime contract, which is expected to be worth $32 million per season. In 2018, he called his decision to go with Nike “the best decision I’ve ever made”.

“I’M A NIKE GUY” 19 years ago today, 18-year-old LeBron James signed a 7-year, $87 million contract with Nike. Reebok would have offered 115 million dollars and Adidas less than 60 million dollars!

James also gives back to his community in Akron, Ohio with the establishment of the I Promise School. The beloved school has become a source of hope and inspiration for underprivileged children.

LeBron James is officially a billionaire. Here are some good things he did with his money:1. He established the Lebron James Family Foundation. 2. Opening of the “I Promise” school for students in grades 1 to 83. Pledged $41 million to provide over 1,000 college scholarships

LeBron James’ Nike bonanza could be overshadowed by the potential possession of an expansion franchise in Las Vegas. Here’s what he had to say on an episode of “The Shop”:

“I want to own a team. Yeah, I want to buy a team, that’s for sure. Yeah, I’d rather own a team before I speak. I want a team in Vegas. I want the team in Vegas.

“I want a team in Vegas.” ???? @King James hints at his next big move in an all-new episode of #The shop TOMORROW at 9am PT on our YouTube! ????

Adam Silver could take LeBron James’ dream of owning an NBA franchise one step further

Adam Silver (right) has suppressed reports of the NBA’s expansion beyond 2024, which could put LeBron James’ dream of owning a team on hold. [Photo: Bleacher Report]

Several reports have surfaced that the NBA plans to expand after 2024 to include Seattle and Las Vegas. The rumors caused a stir as the league hasn’t had an expansion team since the formation of the New Orleans Pelicans in 2002.

Before Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State WarriorsAdam Silver addressed this issue:

“We are not discussing this at the moment. Like I said before, at some point this league will invariably grow, but not right now.

The NBA doesn’t currently have any league expansion talks, though it likely will at some point.

Despite the public denial of the rumors, the question refuses to die. This will likely only escalate after LeBron James’ comments on ‘The Shop’ are published.

The immediate goal of “King James” is to win as many championships as possible. Somewhere down the road, he may have his little kingdom in Vegas.

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