HBO visited Westworld

HBO visited Westworld

Robot Rebellion is over. HBO’s Westworld Once upon a time there was a huge science fiction success – Michael Crichton’s shiny new 70s picture that transformed the story into an enticing puzzle box with an almost outrageously good cast. But viewership (and reviews) have declined since the second season. The fifth season that creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan had hoped for never materialized: HBO canceled the series.

Westworld A rotating cast of characters played by actors who might die in a scene (or season), only to return later with a newly programmed personality. Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris, James Marsden and Anthony Hopkins were all important in the first season; As the series continued, Wood, Wright, Newton, and Harris were particularly at the center of its mystery, while other actors (including Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson, Jimmy Simpson, Angela Sarafian, and Rodrigo Santoro) joined or left the cast.

A statementJoy and Nolan said:

“Making Westworld Has been one of the highlights of our career. We are deeply grateful to our incredible cast and crew for creating these inexhaustible characters and brilliant worlds. We have the opportunity to tell these stories about the future of consciousness – human and beyond – in the short window of time before our AI overlords forbid us to do so.”

According to The Hollywood Reporterfirst season Westworld Twelve million viewers, compared to just four million for the recently concluded fourth season. THR indicates, “Westworld, which moved directly from the movies and changed settings every two seasons, was not a cheap show to produce or market. And with ratings (and reviews) falling over the past two seasons, and HBO committed to other high-profile shows that are likely more profitable, it just doesn’t make sense to go back to it. Westworld

But if you want to watch all four seasons of the show, you can do so on HBO Max.

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