Harry and Meghan Netflix series to be ‘explosive’: report

Harry and Meghan Netflix series to be ‘explosive’: report

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s much-anticipated Netflix series, which will be released on Thursday, is expected to be highly criticized by the royal family and even the British public, reports said.

Ahead of the couple’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey last year, the Duke of Sussex told a friend to expect the interview to be “quite shocking,” adding that “those Brits need to learn a lesson,” a senior source said. The Sun revealed on Saturday.

In the interview, Harry and Markle accused the royal family of racism and said they ignored Markle’s depression, which pushed her to the brink of suicide while pregnant.

The prince’s inflammatory comments were released days before the premiere of “Harry and Meghan,” which sources say will be as explosive as the Oprah interview.

formula Page Six said The couple will claim they were harassed by palace officials.

“The narrative is that Harry had to be removed from his family, where he felt neglected. mental health features, too, and talks about Harry seeking therapy with Camilla about his mother and his father’s broken relationship,” a senior source said. told The Sun.

The Sun reports that Markle is expected to make fresh allegations of racism against the royal family in the series.

Merkel is expected to make fresh allegations of racism in the series.

“Some of the comments Harry and Meghan have made are inflammatory,” the source said. “If broadcast, they will be absolutely explosive. The issue of racism has been discussed – also claims that some members of the royal family were opposed to the wedding. The whole TV project is driven by Meghan.”

The Dramatic trailer for the docu-series Released on Thursday – right in the middle Prince and Princess of Wales visit to the US.

Many critics exploded The minute-long preview, which features clips of Markle in tears as a “victimhood fest.”

According to Netflix, the docuseries includes “comments from friends and family, many of whom have never before spoken publicly about what they’ve seen.”

The series is slated to release on Thursday.
The series is slated to release on Thursday.
Catherine, Princess of Wales, Charlotte, Princess of Wales, Prince George of Wales standing near Wellington Arch
A source shared that Harry had to undergo therapy for his father’s relationship with Camilla.

Harry and Markle have been out with the family since stepping back from royal duties and facing the fallout from the Oprah interview. Prince William is said to be barely in touch with his brother and has reportedly refused to take King Charles Harry’s phone calls for a year.

Charles and William tried to reconcile with Harry, but he was blindsided when he revealed their efforts in another interview with Markle’s friend, CBS’ Gayle King.

“Big families always go through drama, always go through turmoil,” Markle said in the “Extra” interview. “It remains to be seen – will they be drawn to each other or will they drift apart?”

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