Harrison Ford reunites with Helen Mirren for 1923

Harrison Ford reunites with Helen Mirren for 1923

After first appearing on screen together 36 years ago, Harrison Ford And Helen Mirren Back it up for Yellowstone suffrageIts latest offer, 1923.

The Yellowstone The prequel series features the actors reuniting decades after Peter Weir’s 1986 film. mosquito coast. Ford, 80, explained at the Hollywood Legion Theater Post 43 series premiere on Friday evening that his respect for Mirren, 77, has not wavered since.

“I admire his work and his personality [now]And I have the same level of admiration for him as I did then,” Ford told multiple outlets, including People. “He’s great, he’s just a lovely person, and so it’s been both a professional pleasure and a personal pleasure to work with him. her again.”

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In 1986, Ford had already appeared in the original star wars Trilogy and had two knock outs Indiana Jones Films Meanwhile, Mirren said she didn’t consider herself a “nobody” back then – as it was two decades before she won an Academy Award for her performance. the queen.

“When we first worked together, he was a huge movie star and I was nobody,” he explained. “I was so scared, so scared.”

“But also,” he continued, “I learned a lot from him because I didn’t do a lot. I did a lot of theater at the time, I didn’t do a lot of movies. So I watched him. , and he taught me a lot about film acting to this day.” taught something [that] I’m still using it.”

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inside 1923The actors play Jacob and Kara Dutton, a couple running a family farm in Montana while navigating the challenges of the early 20th century, including epidemics, historic droughts, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression.

Ford told reporters Friday that the structure of the project ultimately landed him in the role. “The volume’s writing and ambition, evident from its scope and scale, [drew me to the role,]He explained. “And the precision and character of his language and dialogue.”

Mirren supported Ford’s thoughts, praising series creator Taylor Sheridan in particular for her writing and calling her work “fantastic”. Sheridan also directed the series 1883which star Tim McGraw And Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton, and follows their story as they travel to Montana.

“It’s very exciting to be a part of something in the American entertainment world, but also to be a part of something that’s investigating American history in this particular way. [is great]Mirren said, “You can’t do it in two hours, you know. It’s great to have this huge expanse, and I thought before, it’s like a big Russian novel. It looks like that.” war and peace, you know, that real sense of a huge arc of history. And to be a character in that, it’s very exciting.”

The latest series also features other names like Marley Shelton, Jennifer Ehle, Sebastian Roche and Darren Mann.

1923 Premieres December 18 on Paramount+ and Paramount Network in a special simulcast event.

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