Halle Berry Drops Everyone’s Jaws With These Stunning Throwback Lingerie Pics That Prove She’s Always Been A Confidence Goddess

Halle Berry Drops Everyone’s Jaws With These Stunning Throwback Lingerie Pics That Prove She’s Always Been A Confidence Goddess

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Halle Berry Just shared a series of rare throwback photos that have everyone stopping in their tracks! November 11, scarred the star uploaded a series of Polaroids to her Instagram with the caption, “This #tbt I’m sharing with you what we affectionately call “The Dotty Body.” Every piece of Dorothy Dandridge’s outfit that her manager Earl Mills gave me fit me perfectly!

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She added, “Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at my Polaroid dress fitting and shooting days! If you love Dottie like I do, enjoy! ❤️”

In the photo, we start with one of Berry looking like a glowing goddess as she models one Lacey, Beige Underwear Set, Then a snapshot of her in a white lace kimono and bouncy curls. Next, we see her posing in a fiery red lace underwear Set, looking like a stunning and confident superstar. We’ve got a few more shots of her in a white jacket (and we need to know the model ASAP to show off the red lipstick) and a photo of her in a shearling white dress.

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We conclude the photo series by showing you a stunning snapshot of Berry Her toned body And long legs in a black and silver lingerie set, and a picture of all the behind-the-scenes snapshots fit in a messy pile.

Now you’re wondering, what exactly is a “dotty body”? For those who don’t know, “Dotty Body” is a reference to the legendary, Oscar-nominated actress and performer Dorothy Dandridge. Dandridge is known for Making film history Berry became the first African-American film star to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and played her role in 1999. HBO Original Film Meet Dorothy Dandridge.

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Returning to the confident, stunning images, Berry previously revealed the advice she hopes she can pass on to those who struggle with self-confidence issues before her. she said good housekeeping That it’s all about focusing on your inner self, saying, “We’re all so much more than these beautiful bodies we walk around in. Just work on your inner self and the things you can control.”

He added, “We can’t control how we get here and what we look like and what we’re born into. But we can control what we think about things. We can control what we read. We can control what we take out, what we give, what we allow to take.”

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