Greg Jennings says Packers could bench Aaron Rodgers ‘soon’

Greg Jennings says Packers could bench Aaron Rodgers ‘soon’

The Green Bay Packers Has fallen flat through the first nine games The NFL Season. They’re 3-6, and now some are guessing that quarterback Aaron Rodgers Can be benched. Even one of Rodgers’ former teammates, Greg JenningsGreen Bay may have to pay jordan love More opportunities.

In a recent episode of “The Carton Show.” Jennings was asked if the Packers should consider benching Rodgers. Jennings, citing Green Bay’s tough schedule over the next few weeks, said Love should be the starter when the wheels come off for the Packers.

“Sure,” Jennings said. “Sooner than later. Look at their schedule. The next three games, you’ve got the Cowboys coming up this week, you’ve got the Titans coming up a few days later, and then you’ve got to go face the Philly Eagles. I believe, if they lose two of those three games, that’s They can lose all three, that’s it. You’ve got to see what Jordan Love can do. You’ve got to give him a chance.”

Jennings isn’t the only former Packer who has acknowledged the possibility of benching Rodgers. There is Hall of Fame safety LeRoy Butler The Packers should bench Rodgers for the gain If the team loses its next three matches.

“After that point, if you’re losing those games, you’ve got to get Jordan Love in there at some point, because there’s no playoffs,” Butler said. “I mean, there’s no playoffs, you’re not in the playoffs. You’ve got to figure out if Jordan Love can play because you can’t get rid of Aaron Rodgers because of his contract. But you can find a way. What do you do in a few years? Give Jordan some work to figure out what he’s going to do.”

Rodgers hasn’t been the biggest reason for the Packers’ struggles, but he hasn’t played up to his usual standard. Rodgers has completed 64.7% of his passes for 2,091 yards, 14 touchdowns and seven interceptions this season.

Love was the No. 26 overall pick in 2020 The NFL draft, and he only played in eight games while starting one. If the Packers fall out of the playoff race, they might want to see what the former first-round pick can do.

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