Food Court: Casper Ruud rolls with this meal before every game… | ATP tour

Food Court: Casper Ruud rolls with this meal before every game… | ATP tour

Casper Ruud qualified for her first Grand Slam semi-final on Wednesday at Roland Garros. It’s safe to say that the Norwegian didn’t eat a tomato in the pre-match meal which helped him cross the line.

In this edition of ‘Food Court’, Ruud talks about his favorite dish to cook, his guilty pleasures, why he doesn’t eat tomatoes and more.

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Let’s say you have to cook tonight, either for yourself or for friends. What would you cook and why?
I would go for the spaghetti vongole. It’s an Italian pasta dish with sea clams. I like it a lot and it’s not too hard to make, actually. It looks a bit fancy, but it’s not difficult at all.

How would you rate your cooking skills? Are you close to a Michelin star?
No, I’m not a Michelin star. I am far, very far. Most days of my year, I either eat out or take out. [I go to] restaurants obviously when I’m traveling and when I’m at home I try to do home-cooked meals, but mostly take-out too.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I love Asian cuisine, Asian flavors. Japanese and Thai. I really like pad thai. I always try to find it whenever I travel to a place that has great pad Thai, which is a fairly simple noodle dish. But the sushi is also one of my favorites, but I also have to say that the Italian cuisine is top notch there.

What do you eat just before a game and how many hours before the game do you eat it?
I always eat the same thing for lunch or dinner before a game. I eat very simple plain rice with chicken, olive oil and salt. Seems like a smart thing to do, it’s pretty easy and some good carbs if I have to play for a long time [match]. It’s not too much flavor obviously, that’s why I add a little salt. Salt is also good for sweating a lot, which I do. I think we found a good way to do it before matches.

I always try to eat about an hour and a half or two hours before the game so the food has time to sink in and I don’t feel heavy or too full when I go out on the court. After games, I try to get protein and food right after the game.

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What do you snack on during a match? Has this changed over the years and if so, what did you usually eat?
I have bars and gels and maybe a banana here and there, but not typically. For best-of-five sets, yes, I would consider it more, but not too much I would say.

The fact is I sweat a lot so when you sweat and your body is hot or hot from sweating you don’t really have the biggest appetite so I have trouble eating during [a match]. But some bars and some things are quite simple. This has changed. Everything has become more and more professional for me now than it was, say, five years ago.

I’ve been pretty good with these routines and always try to eat healthy or as healthy as possible. Obviously on match days, I try to keep it very simple.

What could you eat during a non-tournament week that you wouldn’t eat during a tournament?
I think I maybe add a little more dessert when I’m not in tournament weeks, but I’m a pretty straightforward guy when it comes to eating. Asian and Italian food is sort of where I spend most of my meals. Of course, sometimes I try to have American food, especially [in the United States]. I’ll have burgers or ribs. I still like those things, but not too much. You could [feel] quite heavy before a game.

What might people be surprised to hear you like?
I like mussels and clams a lot, so I think it’s not something everyone likes. But I’m pretty picky at the same time. I don’t eat tomatoes. I don’t find them tasty at all. I know tomato is in a lot of dishes, so that’s a bit of a shame, but I’m pretty picky. I don’t like mushrooms either. There are some things I try to avoid, but I would say mussels and clams are not typical for my family, but I am.

What is the best meal in your culture/country?
I would say that we have good salmon, which is a bit of our pride. Our salmon is excellent, I think. We don’t have many honestly too good typical dishes, but the salmon of which we are proud.

Is there something about your diet that you maybe didn’t know about as a junior that really helped you?
I think I try to eat a bit of green every day, whether it’s vegetables or salad. I really feel like it helps your body. It’s easy, but at the same time very important for the body. I didn’t like it too much when I was younger, but luckily I ended up liking it a bit more as I got older. My taste is getting more mature, so it’s easier for me now to eat green stuff.

Where is your favorite place on the Tour to eat?
Favorite place to eat? Oh. We are always very well taken care of, we have many options. But I think one of the tournaments that have amazing lunches and dinners is Vienna, the ATP 500 event. They have very good pasta there, a good salad bar, good meat too if you want to have some . They do a very, very good job and I always enjoy Austrian food with schnitzel and all. I like being there.

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