‘Every time I talk to a real star I’m starstruck’

‘Every time I talk to a real star I’m starstruck’

“I’ve been so starstruck lately,” Dolly Parton “I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I am Making a rock album. If I could be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I’d earn it.”

The American icon – who has actually achieved 25 No. 1 hits and sold more than 100 million records, has started work on her next album to come in the new year. “I’ll have a lot of rock singers in it.” He mentioned one of his favorite songs, which will be on the album. “‘Heart of Glass.’ I hope Debbie Harry and Pat Benatar sing on it.” He and Benatar were recently inducted into the Hall of Fame together.

Parton spoke to People for One Last Thing – highlights are below

Last Moment of Nostalgia: A few weeks ago I found a picture of my husband [Carl Thomas Dean] And I’m on our honeymoon in Florida. I had a little polka-dot bikini. I laughed till I cried. You just wish you could go back and do it all over again.

Latest Fashion Disasters: I went to a big formal dress-up dinner, but I got there and it wasn’t there. I was the one dressed to the nines. I always overdressed, but I felt a little out of place.

Last time I was late: I hate being late for any reason. But I was working on this Christmas movie, and we were going to the studio, and we got a flat tire. I called and told them.

Last time I was starstruck: I’m working on a rock album right now, and I’m talking Elton John, Mick Zager and Debbie Harry. Every time I talk to one of them, it’s such a thrill.

Last Enjoyment: I’ve always said potatoes are my weakness, but every time I go to New York, I bring a cheesecake. I haven’t been in a while, so a friend sent me one for Halloween and I ate the whole thing. Just before midnight, that cake is gone.

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